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    Yeah you should definitely try it!

    Spice & Wolf Rewatch
    S1 ep 1-3 W: Jun 28 - Jul 2 D: Jul 3 - Jul 4
    S1 ep 4-7 W: Jul 5 - Jul 9 D: Jul 10 - Jul 11
    S1 ep 8-10 W: Jul 12 - Jul 16 D: Jul 17 - Jul 18
    S1 ep 11-13 + OVA W: Jul 19 - Jul 23 D: Jul 24 - Jul 25
    S2 ep 1-3 W: Jul 26 - Jul 30 D: Jul 31 - Aug 1
    S2 ep 4-6 W: Aug 2 - Aug 6 D: Aug 7 - Aug 8
    S2 ep 7-9 W: Aug 9 - Aug 13 D: Aug 14 - Aug 15
    S2 ep 10-12 W: Aug 16 - Aug 20 D: Aug 21 - Aug 22

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    Super Robot Wars

    Super Robot Wars 3's the only SNES one that got translated though, and it's a fan-translation. If you're willing to have a go at the GBA, it has Super Robot Wars OG and OG2 officially translated as well as Super Robot Wars J fan-translated.

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    I was personally a big fan of Secret of Evermore. I loved the alchemy/magic system it had

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    Super Robot Wars
    Was soo good! Can't believe I forgot it!

    Single char challenges are fun, personally FFT was a fav of mine for challenges of any kind. FF6 too. Pokemon though? I always found one pokemon was the easy way to beat the game, cause they ended up outleveling everything by a ton.... I guess if you specifically used one that's terrible... any the starters will laugh there way through the entire game cept maybe 1 gym...

    Golden sun was good - I'll be playing on a PC though most likely, so trying to avoid handhelds. Just don't scale up that great (haha realize SNES ain't much better but /shrug, preference thing) - and the GBA games got terrible sound on emulators I find.

    There was another robot RPG I can't recall? just Robo maybe? You had 3 robots, you upgraded them, started with only 1 thought, turn based rpg. Or was that not snes?

    Edit: Found it! Robotrek!
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    I had to read this a few times and couldn't believe it!
    Nobody said Lunar Silver Star Story?! But I think thats playstation =x

    Super Metroid classifies as an aRPG right? That's a good series..
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    *gasp* Dragon Warrior! I have to play those games again!!

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    I love those SNES RPG's and On Sega, besides phantasy star, I absolutely loved shining in the darkness ( like a cartooony wizardry), shining force 1&2 (like FF tatctics).

    On PS1 some old school SNES feeling RPG's i loved are xenogears and saga frontier.

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    Terranigma for Snes is a strong title, really good adventure/RPG.

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    Played trough mystic quest legend a few times myself.

    Though it was named final fantasy mystic quest in regions other than PAL. So you might have played it already.


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    I had to read this a few times and couldn't believe it!
    Nobody said Lunar Silver Star Story?! But I think thats playstation =x

    Super Metroid classifies as an aRPG right? That's a good series..
    Thats the kind of PSX game I'm looking for though sir - and I havn't played it. Good eye. And I stumbled onto "Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch" which looks cool, would be excited to have one on my phone, but doesn't look to be an android variant

    No though, I wouldn't consider Super Metroid an RPG, but indeed they were good games.

    Regarding Mystic Quest Legend, I have aswell DevilHeart. Gotta say it didn't capture any special place for me, not unenjoyable, just not special(apart from the name lol... Mystic Quest Legend.... shoulda thrown some more in there "Final Fantasy: Magical Mystic Adventure Quest Legend Story" lol.

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