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    Resto PVP questoin

    So, I'm working on gearing up my resto gear, now that I've finished Enhance and Elemental. However, I'm unsure about a few pieces..and looking at the top rated resto shamans didn't..help at all. The question falls to Trinkets.

    So obviously all of the trinkets have a use, since out of the top 10 resto shammys in 3v3 rating, all of the battle masters are seen, Crit, spirit and Stam medallions are used, on use AND proc int trinkets are seen, etc. So clearly they have a purpose, but I have to imagine they swap them out. So my question was:

    As a Shaman who only plans to help friends do 2s(Read: Sub 2100 rating, usually between 1500-1800) and do BGs as an offspec when my team needs a healer, What trinket(s) should I go for?

    And, as a seperate question, What teams do you(as a resto sham) use the varying trinket setups in 3v3?
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    go for crit first - more mana. i used to run stamina ones in 2s because tunnelling. when i geared up a bit i kept 522 stamina trinkets and using 550 crit ones for now. my 2 cents only! never played above 1750

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