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    Weak Auras - get a player name and display it.

    Hey guys, Im wondering if there is a way to display a players name via Weak Auras. What I am trying to do is create a simple Prayer of Mending tracker where it will display the players name who currently has my PoM. I think I could achieve this via a custom function, but I have 0 knowledge of lua. Hope somebody is able to help on this one, thanks.

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    Make a trigger like this:
    Type: Aura
    Aura(s): Prayer of Mending
    Unit: Group
    Name Info: Player(s) Affected
    Stack Info: Aura Stack
    Aura Type: Buff
    Own Only

    Then under display you can use %n to get the player that has it, %s to see the stacks and %p to see remaining duration.


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    I'm also searching for a way to display the player name with a specific buff/debuff.

    But Sehra, as far as I understand the %n function in display, it only shows the name of the buff/debuff and not the player name.
    I have tested this with LB and a "text" display, and ther %n always showed "Lifebloom".

    So far I think, the only way is a custom function, but I have no idea how the prototype of the function has to look.

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    Use the drop-down "Name Info" under the trigger tab to select what %n will show, either aura name or player names.

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    Is there a way to track debuffs on enemies using this? The Name Info option seems to be only under Unit: Group
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    The 'unit' box allows you to enter any of the named units, those are the things that you can /target in a macro:
    • /tar arena1
    • /tar boss3
    • /tar targettarget
    • /tar pettarget
    • party1

    That all works well enough in weak auras -- it's easy to track because wow makes it easy. For random units like some guy you meet in world PVP or some arbitrary trash mobs in a dungeon you'll need to do all of the tracking yourself because warcraft doesn't make that easy.

    You'll need a custom tricker that watched the combat log for the buff/debuff being applied and then records that information to a global (unit name, time, expires time, etc). An untrigger that that looks for the debuff/buff being removed or the unit dying and removes it's information from that global. you'll also want a function somewhere that clears out regularly to cover cases where it doesn't get cleared by combat events (ie: you phased or lag out and don't receieve the event, go out of range, etc). Finally you'll need to write teh custom function for duration, name, icon, etc which you can get by just reading out of the global where you stored it and returning something appropriate.

    It's a fair bit of leg work - there are examples on the weak auras forum from like a year or two ago that should work. Maybe I'll make a video about this kinda thing - but it'll be lua heavy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Faeglendir View Post
    Is there a way to track debuffs on enemies using this? The Name Info option seems to be only under Unit: Group
    With some limitations, yes, this is possible. Use the multi-target unit trigger and have the display in a dynamic group.

    Example from my mage:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sehra View Post
    Use the drop-down "Name Info" under the trigger tab to select what %n will show, either aura name or player names.

    Sometimes it's simply to easy -_-.

    In adition, I found out, that the "Multi-Target" option also shows the player name.

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