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    mop inscription questions

    what does mystery of the mists do? is there a cd to it? also someone mentioned scribes making over 1,000 g a day, how? lastly whats going to be the best mill to herb for inks.

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    Mystery of the mists teaches you one glyph but more importantly creates 1 x Scroll of wisdom.

    It can only be used once every 24 hours

    Is the ONLY WAY (excluding 6 weekly quests) to create scroll of wisdom, which is used in many high - end inscription recipes, including darkmoon cards.
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    You need 20 of those scrolls to create one of 3 staffs (int+spi+mastery / int+hit+mastery / agi+crit+mastery) or 5 for one of two offhands (int+hit+mastery or int+spi+mastery) in addition to other materials. They are ilvl 476 each, which is slightly below Raid Finder ilvl (483).
    You can create Darkmoon Cards at the expense of 10 Spirit of Harmony with this though. Those will take aeons to farm though.

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    so you need even 3 weeks to do the daily before you can use the staff wtf...


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    will blackfallow ink continue its purpose in mop or should i change all of them now?
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