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    Ive found, its very dependent on time and what day of the week it is for a majority win, not the faction losing all the time like some people claim

    And yes I did spend time, way to much time, to get some sort of schedule going, but I now play on my Alliance characters and certain times, I play on my horde priest at other times, and yes it does work for most game, but you always get the occasion where you do get like minded players that can work together
    Indeed, there are days where I won't lose a single BG, and then there are 2 or 3 days in a row that Ill lose every single one (Usually weekends).

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    The difference between Horde and Alliance is very small when it comes to PvP.

    They posted stats of Horde vs Alliance wins like a year ago and while the Horde on AVERAGE wins more, it's not by a very large amount. Something along the lines of the Horde winning 3-5% more? The only outlier was AV where I believe the Alliance won 5-10% more often?

    But yeah it's grass is always greener. Sure the Horde win more on average, but 3-5% better win rate is nothing to write home about. Basically it's about the same.

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    Childish thread is childish. This same crap goes on with both factions in BGs and let me dumb must one be to think that different people play the different factions? Especially considering the fact that a lot of people play both? People are people, there are kids, teenagers, adults, old people, skilled people, great pvpers and so on playing this game no matter what faction they're on.
    Why people want Classic back; In Classic, you'd be considered a winner and a "hardcore" simply by reaching max level, having a few pieces epic gear and being able to stand the horrible logistics demands.
    Today, you need actual gameplay skills to get somewhere worth mentioning. So much class theorycrafting, awareness of both your class mechanics as well as those of other players/hardest tuned bosses aimed at only 1% downing them whilst they're current.

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