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    New WoW stream - Lock / Mage

    Hey if you guys get a minute come check out my new stream. My main's a lock but I just rolled mage so I'm practicing on it. Come hang out and talk with me.

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    Evening! Streaming 3v3 PoV Kitty with Hpala and Hunter, might logto alt Spriest for fun when we done with arenas.

    Check if you want to, I am at twitch, go for /avenite - Welcome to chat and watch stream!
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    7/13hc Top 5 world guild for less then 10 hours a week Aff Lock POV

    heroic iron qon progression

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    Blademaster Shinoga's Avatar
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    May 2013

    Livestreaming a 1-90 Challenge non-stop on saturdayevening 7PM GMT. (no heirlooms, no sleep)

    Overall a stream dedicated to MMORPG's (WoW, GW2, TERA etc.)
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    heroic iron qon progression now

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    Come watch as I bring all my alts to 90. Going for 22 total! Already at 13!

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    Rather than a storybook ending

    But even more hazardous was in how Nike tested the attention spans and emotional commitment of its audience. Because Write the Future was so well executed, and because it became so popular so quickly, it effectively functioned as an inspiring prelude to the kick-off. And when that decisive moment came for Rooney (or Ronaldo, Ribéry, Cannavaro et al) and they crumpled exactly as they had done in Nike's vision, the entire meaning of the ad shifted away from "just do it" and towards a prognostication of doom.

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    Throne of Thunder HC progress

    POV Disc Priest

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    Heroic ToT 25 main run 11/13 HC (Victus guild)

    Fire mage PoV

    Starting at 18.45

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    Blademaster Shinoga's Avatar
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    May 2013

    1-90 Marathon starting at 8PM Servertime (Europe)
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    Stream is up, pop on and watch my terrible mage. 12/13H Currently, clearing out our trash - Overture on Mal'Ganis

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    fun things in world of warcraft, come hang out!

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    Pnash (Warlock) <Addiction> - Bleeding Hollow [US] (11/13H Throne of Thunder) Tactical Gaming Action []

    Streaming high quality 25H PVE and PVP since 2011.
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    Returning to WoW after more than a year hiatus
    Former top level raider currently leveling to 90

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    10/13hc afflack pov

    heroic animus progression

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    2200+ Multi Glad Stream + Some casual Raiding and hardcore challenge mode time runs!! I also play LoL and some FPSes =D Come join the fun friends!! Livestream around ~12hours every day! =D

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