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    Unhappy Dad, mourning loss of his son, tries WoW

    Stumbled upon this article, thought this was pretty touching yet emotional.

    "A man in his late 50’s, who is grieving his son who just recently passed away, took to Reddit on Monday to ask for help playing the popular video game “World of Warcraft." He began playing because his son loved “World Of Warcraft,” and he “wanted to connect with areas of my son’s life I never understood.”

    The whole thing started on reddit @ http://np.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/...what_im_doing/

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    "If I were not Alexander, then I should wish to be Diogenes", to which Diogenes replied, "If I were not Diogenes, I should also wish to be Diogenes."
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    Kinda reminds me of WOW.... Islamic leaders are like Blizzard devs... Doesn't matter what they do, there's always criticism...

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    Call me emotionless dick but only one question comes to my mind... so what?

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    Are you sure trade-chat is the best place for a grieving father.....

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    There are other threads about this.

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