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    7 58.33%
  • Totally

    6 50.00%
  • 4sho

    5 41.67%
  • MoP was the best Xpac ever, WoD sucks

    6 50.00%
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    Disappointed in 7.0?

    So from what we know atm, which is nothing, there is :

    No new raids
    No new classes
    No new races
    No new dungeons
    No new pets
    No dance studio
    No hunter buffs
    No new peeveepee
    No new ANYTHING

    For all we know 7.0 has grand total of 0 bosses which is like totally not enough for my 15 dollah. I really hoped for mythic heroic hardmode challenge scenarios with my garrison followers ON A BOAT.

    If this is the new expansion im totally disappointed like 4 real. Are you? Vote now.

    I would like to thank ryanmahaffe for his thread which has inspired me to creating this amazing and highly relevant thread ALL BY MYSELF
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    Do you even try?

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    Aww, I wanted the "7.0 best xpac yet!" option

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    Quote Originally Posted by Almaric View Post
    No new ANYTHING
    Psh! Every one to six months you get a brand new charge on your credit card.
    Quote Originally Posted by Redpanda View Post
    Sniper Shot or whatever its called getting the Chao Bolt type treatment where its like a mother fucking Kamehamea Wave but takes 3 episodes to wind up and 3/4s of a 4th episode including us reflecting on your hunter life from that first tame to one of your proudest acheivments as a hunter to this very momement when the cast is over and it flies toward the target and Parry -_-

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    Haha awesome thread, voted Mop for best exp

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    Don't create pointless threads.
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