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    Why did you pick a specific role?

    This is a question to players in this forum , why did you decide to roll a healer or a dps or a tank over another role? what makes you like your role more?

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    Ranged dps as I can't play any other role.

    So it wasn't really a choice
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    I chose dps because I like to see big numbers and have less accountability for my actions.

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    I like being healer most. Despite me mostly being DPS in raids throughout WoW's life. It just seems way more challenging than DPS and a lot more enjoyable because of it. Never bothered with tanking. *Shivers*

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    me yelling to my brother as a 12 year old 'WHAT SHOULD I PLAY!?'
    then my life was full of holy priest
    the end
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    I've been tanking since Vanilla. Finally, in Legion, I switched to DPS main spec. I really miss the instant queues and getting into pug groups with ease, but the game feels a lot fresher now and I'm enjoying it. Looking to level up a healer alt when 7.1.5 hits too. I just tanked so much crap that I'm tired of doing it I guess.

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    I never enjoyed the "gotta maximize the deeps!" game, and as a dps I found that we'd wipe on a boss at 50% and all I could have done to prevent it is do more damage so we'd have wiped at 49% instead. So I rolled a tank and I've been tanking ever since. I guess I like being the center of attention, and I feel I can really make a difference in many of the fights as a tank.

    I also like healing, but I'm not any good at it.
    I don't think this matters nearly as much as you think it does.

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    Personally, I picked Healing because keeping allies alive is more enjoyable to me than just damaging some NPC or the like. And I love seeing those green numbers pop up everywhere :3

    As for tanking: Never tried it, since it is entirely uninteresting to me. I don't like standing at the front, and I don't like being the center of attention in a way.

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    I started tanking at the end of Cataclysm, did that up until WoD and went back to DPS again with this expansion. Frankly, the only roles that actually make sense are dps and healer. Tanks are fairly weird and rely solely on a "gamey" mechanic, especially in raids. While I enjoy the easy ride as a tank, be it grouping up with pugs or having a lot less stress during raid encounters, it still does kinda kill my immersion for large chunks of the game. There is also very little competion among tanks and therefore little reason to actually improve. That leaves me with healers or dps and healers might as well play a browser game on their phone - not fun at all to me. So by elimination it comes down to DPS.

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    Played a hunter main in US beta + early vanilla (dungeon content), with a mage alt, at some point a raid guild formed out of several other guilds that needed mages in particular for Molten Core , got pvp up to Field Marshal during Naxxramas, and continue to raid with it up to Sunwell when guild activity died out. Also had priest healer/warrior tank alts for runs like ZG/AQ20 and molten core alt runs. As well as shaman+warlock alts in TBC.

    Then moved to EU realms due to better time zone (raided at night/early morning before that on US realms), wanted to play something else as a main so went Warlock, as well as Horde instead of Alliance, raided with that up to Icecrown, while leveling other alts as well.

    Then that guild died out and out of the remnants another smaller guild formed and they had a lot of warlocks already and no holy paladins (which I was already playing as alt in icecrown 5 mans etc.) Played holy paladin from Cataclysm to Pandaria 5.2 when I quit.

    I came back for Legion after 3 years of no WoW and now play the game differently, no pressure to raid or spam mythic+, planning to level most if not all classes to 110, 4 right now, most other classes above 80-90 since I didn't play WoD or Legion invasions.

    I still like tanking and dps , I'm just not the "leader" kind of person that would main a tank all the time.
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    After tankin from BC till Pandaria and Healing in WoD I wanted something new

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    I prefer ranged DPS. It's usually safer and it allows me to keep an eye on the rest of the party to assist where needed like if the healer gets aggro.

    I actually would like to heal on occasion, but find it way too stressful. Tanking's even worse.
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    I play all three on a regular basis with hunter/warrior as dps, druid/priest as healer and pally as tank. I like mixing it up.

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    I didn't so there's that...

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    Back near the beggining of tBC my guild desperately needed a 2nd tank for kara and as I had just finished my attunement I jumped in. I had tanked a bit before that but that raid made me fall in love with it, we only got to maiden but it basically changed wow from a game that I played every so often to a a game instill play a lot.

    Was unhappy with how druids changed in wrath, couldn't get into it and got excited by Disc changes so I swapped over and then mained disc all the way through to the end of MoP when I swapped over to main brewmaster.

    At the start of Legion I decided I was going to main a DPS, picked feral and resurrected my old druid. I still enjoy healing the most though so I've kinda fallen back into that, especially in mythic+

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    Been ranged dps as main all the way to mid/ end cata where I picked up a warrior. However I always had some class with a different role as a "close-to-main-alt". In panda I had a healer (monk) and in WOD my alt was my ranged dps. During cata and panda my warrior was a tank, but in WOD it went arms and it still is.
    During WOTLK my alt was a DK tank.

    So in short I enjoy the different roles, but I prefere melee dps.
    My reason is that I find it boring being ranged - to easy and safe for me. It just dosnt seems dangerous enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aizen244 View Post
    This is a question to players in this forum , why did you decide to roll a healer or a dps or a tank over another role? what makes you like your role more?
    I tried offtanking to help my guild back in ICC progress days. I liked it enough to permanently convert me into primarily a tank (Pzkw VI to be more specific).
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    I play all the roles on my druid. So i have not chose to only play on one.

    Tank for dungeons.
    Tank or dps for world quests.
    Heal for raids.
    Dps for pvp.

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    I started tanking because when Classic released, I had no clue what the "trinity" was and I chose to play a warrior.
    I tanked till the end of TBC when I took my sabbatical from WoW. When I came back I went Fury cause I was playing alone and 2 2-handers was AWESOME!
    At the start of Legion I started shammie healing cause my friend was a tank and we wanted to do mythic+ together and get insta groups. So now I heal.

    I miss my warrior. Cant wait till I can put some real time into her and finish my class hall there.

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    Played ranged DPS from Vanilla to the end of Mop, primarily as Warlock/Elemental Shaman. At the end of MoP I felt like I burnt out after constantly striving to be at the top of the damage meter, to the point where I've stopped caring about damage altogether. Switched to tanking and I would never go back for anything. DPS is just so boring that I could never get myself to play it again.

    Never cared for healing as I really don't like the game-play of staring at an interface for the majority of the time. I love healing in Overwatch, and supporting in Dota, but healing in WoW is just not for me.

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