I will preface by saying, I only do LFR and dungeons. I only get time to play when my son is napping so I am very tight on time.

Now, last week I did Imperator's Rise. The first attempt it had went on until 2 AM CST. That was far to late for me to stay up, and I left the raid. I checked my Looking for Group pane and I was not saved. The second attempt on the pull before the door opens my Internet went out (This was the next day) and I was, of course, disconnected from the game and was not able to log back in for about 30-40 minutes. The third time I finally killed him! WOOPEE!!...or so I thought..I was unable to loot the body, not even gold! I put in a ticket and was basically told I had killed him and "Sorry homie (Yes, the GM called me homie..) but you are out of luck until next week) Fine, whatever. Tuesday is right around the corner.

Well, I killed him first thing when I got on after my son went down for his nap and was able to loot him, YAY! I then queued up for Walled City, where the same thing happened on Butcher! Even though I participated in the kill, I was unable to loot him. Now, my LFR pane shows I am eligible to kill him..but I do not trust this as it said the same thing last week with Imperator..

It's made me feel extremely deflated...and part of me feels like I just don't want to try anymore =/..

Anyone else ever have this happen? Is there any hope?