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    Lightbulb Hunter main for 4 years - burned out. What DPS to play ?

    Hello so after the whole class remake like BM hunter 3 button spec and MM hunter standing without pet a few buttons to push in rotation ...and SV seems like a really fun spec to me but the fact its melee with ok dps but nothing special...guess what. Even with 870 gear nobody wants me as SV to Karazhan pug
    Comunity is not what is was few years ago but Im not here for comparing. Last month I figured only 2 options which can move me at wow further so that it can be fun for me again.
    Option nr. 1 is to reroll completely from Hunter to another more viable and consistent dps class.
    <snip/private server discussion deleted>So recommend a DPS class which is atm viable for Mythic dungs and raids ? I dont mind playing melee or ranged I have all chars at 100 lvl and played all at certain pont in raid enviroment during last 5 years.
    Funny fact for you guys and girls : After I leveled my main hunter to 110 and fairly enjoyed BM they nerfed it to bottom shit. I was like NP I reroll to MM ( which was borefest roation RNG piece of sh... for me) yet more nerfs even to PvP was coming. I said NP I reroll to my 2nd favourite clas Rogue. I dinged and enjoyed at least pvp for a week before rogue was nerfed to bottom shit
    You can Imagine that the time spent gearing and leveling and reward at the end was like ....wtf ?! really ? So Im a bit burned out and want to start a new char up to 110 but to be sure to stick with it till end of expansion because time is really harder to find for me.
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    We can't help you pick your new class. These threads are against the rules and for good reason as everyone chimes in with their favorite class and arguments start up. Read through our class forums and see if you can find something that looks like it might be fun. We also have no idea what you find to be fun either.

    Also discussion of private servers is against the rules.

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