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    Kill them All:

    DK 80 solo Blackrock Caverns. It's a lot more fun to level like this. Every dungeon gives around 45-50% experience. Well, so far... <3 My book; The Light of Dawn. forever in my heart, never forgotten.

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    Kill them All:

    The new episode of leveling a DK, solo, through instances. I am Really proud of this one!

    Hope you enjoy! <3 My book; The Light of Dawn. forever in my heart, never forgotten.

    ** ** Danion's Gaming Hub! It's on now!

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    Hello there everyone! Here is a montage I was able to put together with some clips over time! ^^ Just some big number montage of Epic crits and risky moments just to have some fun ^^
    Also it is my 100th video and I couldn't thank you more for all the support i've been given during this entire period, this is honestly something I am very passionate about and you guys truly makes me smile!
    THANK YOU! <3

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    My YT channel needs improvment

    Hi guys, i'm not asking for you to like and subscribe to me, but to give me advise what i need to do to help grow my community on YT. I'll appreciate any advice. I'm a gaming youtube channel (of course) I have a wide selection of video from wow to game of thrones to other video games. I can't post links for some strange reason on MMO champion.

    My youtube channel is LNGamlng (yes the i in gaming is an l because some plonker took my genius name, when i first created it)

    Much appreciated guys


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    Hello there everyone! Here is a new Battleground commentary, since I haven't done one in a while and I do miss these!
    This was a very chaotic and hilarious one and I'm very pleased to share this one haha!
    I basically joined this battleground late and turns out we were missing tons of bases, and needless to say I had to fight for my life haha!

    I hope you guys enjoy this video if you do a thumbs up or maybe even a subscribe would be aweosme and it would mean the whole world to me!
    Thank you <3

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    Hello everyone! Don't really know what to place here so I'll just let my videos do the talking ^_^ Hope you enjoy.

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    Enjoy the band Muse? Love music videos (especially Warcraft ones)? Then check out this WoW music video of Muse's song Starlight!

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    Hey guys, thought I would post my channel up here, if you guys are feeling frisky. Why not go check it out and let me know what you guys think. I cant quite post up links yet but if you search Tetra 5.3 elemental shaman pvp the first video is mine.
    Thanks guys.

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    I'm diggin this thread! Tons of cool unique content

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    Hello there everyone! ^^ Here are some of the most broken hilarious arenas I've ever been part of! xD
    Basically I went to do some 2v2 with Gimlihadanaxe, an Unholy DK and I went as Fury with Bladestorm, needless to say I don't think we had a game that lasted more than 15 seconds! xD

    I hope you have as much fun as we did watching this ^^ If you do a thumbs up or maybe even a subscribe would be absolutely amazing and it owuld mean the world to me!
    Thank you! <3

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    Made a few achievement guide videos for Timeless Isle
    Hopefully you guys like!

    Thanks for viewing guys
    The amount of Alliance in this roster... is disturbing....

    My avatar is such wow, much amaze, so boss. It's there because I was infracted. Will remain until after :3
    Just... This is the greatest post ever: Right here.

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    there dear mmo-champion! I've just made a Keybinding guide and hopefully it will help you if you still struggle with it, I go through the way of thinking and the patterns of keybinding!

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    Smile [Video] The Destruction of Warcraft

    Hey Guys,
    I just wanted to post you my latest Video called "The Destruction of Warcraft" - usually I´m a J4F WoW YouTuber.
    But I just wanted to try myself in cutting and this is what i could do:

    I actually now it´s not perfect and also quite short, but I would be happy if you could leave me some constructive criticism because I am also planning to do something similar if the interests in the first Video are good enough.
    Wish you good fun and hope you like it,

    PS: Sorry if there are grammar mistakes I´m not a native English speaker :P

    Oh and sorry that I opened a new Thread in the "General Discussion" didn´t see this thread :/
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    Hello there everyone! ^^
    As requested here is the second part of some FURY with Bladestorm 2v2 arenas feat Gimlihadanaxe as Unholy DK ofc ^^
    Needless to say some of the matches as previously were obviously broken and didn't last more than a few seconds making these matches rather hilarious haha ^^

    I hope you guys enjoy this one as much as part 1 and if you do a thumbs up or maybe even a subscribe would be absolutely wonderful and it would mean the world!
    Thank you! <3

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    Although I was thinking of making a new thread for this I'm not sure if that would be allowed with having this video thread here as well, so here I am.

    In the last 2 days I've made some 5.4 preview guides, for the 4 celestial world bosses and a 5.4 survival guide. I was wondering if people could watch them and give feedback on where to improve and if you'd be interested in more of this type of content.

    The first link is a playlist with the 4 celestial world bosses:

    This is just one of the 4 world bosses:

    This is the 5.4 survival guide:

    Thanks in advance!

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    Magical Ogre Idol from the TcG Reign of Fire.

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