Hello there, friends!
Before I start, I'd like to apologise for bringing up such an old and banal topic, or a dead meme or whatever you like to call it. I'm usually the guy who just reads comments without posting one.

So the thing is, for the past few years, every time I watch WoW video on youtube, I like to browse through the comments to see what people think of the current content or the next patch that's coming up etc. And I have to say it's really disappointing seeing how to vocal minority in the form of "back in my days kind of grumpy grandpas" are overshadowing the majority of players who enjoy the game they're playing, and no, not everything has to be perfect for a game to be enjoyable. Also I'd like to address the seemingly most repeated "argument" - the game is dead hurr, there is no community durr no one communicates in dungeons or raids or in the open world, back in my day u had to communicate with players to get in a group, nowadays no one says a thing etc etc.
I imagine these arguments come a few types of people.
1 - currently 30yo guys who are stuck in the past and can't move on, and 10 or 15 years from now they'll be those grumpy old men with always sour face and will tell the kids how gaming was so much better in his days "you young fucks have no idea what real gaming is, oh yeah u dont know what pleasure it is to grind for 3 months to cap".
2 - weak-minded people who actually never played vanilla and just want to blend in with the vocal minority, thus how that argument keeps spreading more and more.
3 - people who have never done content outside the leveling and world content, in other words the casuals of the casuals (these are exactly the same people who are claiming that vanilla was insanely difficult and only for hardcore players because you had to level up for a couple of months to reach the cap.

Well guys, i have some news for you... *Garrosh voice* TIMES CHANGE, and so do people.
If you really can't stand the game anymore and trully despise it. why do you keep playing it and torturing yourself? Why do you go to WoW content videos and start totally unrelevant topics about how much you hate wow.

You think the community is dead because no one talks back to you when you say "hi" to a stranger in the open world or in LFR/LFD? Guess again. As I said above, times, people and their demands change. Of course, there are still some people that like to communicate with strangers in the open world, including me. But nowadays most people don't like doing that, not because the content is not challenging enough to force people into communication, but because they just don't want to. The true community now are the guilds and trust me, if you get into the right guild, you can find many many friends and even consider them as a family if you spend enough times with them. Now imagine for a second that WoW never existed, and tomorrow someone releases the exact same copy of what WoW vanilla used to be, but with modern graphics. What do you think would happen? It won't last even for a month. It will be a tragedy, everyone will mock it and will go down in history as the worst meme game ever created. The gaming standarts and customers' demands have changed long ago and if those companies creating the games are not evolving their games according to those standarts and demands, they won't be profitting. People have been claiming that WoW is dead since the release of the Burning Crusade, but it's still alive and going. If you can't stand the state of the game currently is, just go play some private server of your favourite expansion, or find another mmo or any game in general that will hook your interest, instead of spreading hate and torturing yourself while spending money at the same time.

Well folks, that's my 5 cents on this topic. I apologise again for opening a forum post about it, but I just got sick and tired from reading all those comments of the vocal minority completely overshadowing the silent majority. Not to mention that there are people who would like to try out WoW for the first time and they go to youtube to watch some reviews/gameplay and when they scroll down to read the comments, they see comments from those people claiming that wow is dead and is currently in its worst state. Well that doesn't help much to the flow of new generation players. Let's just stop it and either enjoy the game or move on