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    Just Pre ordered, have not played since expansion what class to level to 100

    I need some input, I just reactivated after pre ordering Legion and i dont know what class to level to 100. i currently have a level 100 warrior that i did enjoy but it just isnt that fun anymore.

    I want to be able to solo fairly easy since i don't have a guild and most of my friends no longer play. but i would like to have an off spec for healing or tanking

    Im thinking about starting on a new server.

    What class should i go with.

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    Take your pick.

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    I think Druid is the way to go for what you're wanting. They're the only class that can give you the ability to tank, heal, melee dps and ranged dps. They're good at soloing old content as well. They're not as good for soloing as Death Knights or Hunters, but still one of the more capable ones.

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    We can't choose for you. We don't allow help me choose my class/role/spec/gender/race/faction/boost threads here
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