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    Help a poor student out?

    Hi everyone,
    I'm a 4th year psychology student, no I can't read minds and no I don't want to study you in a lab. However I could really use your help with my survey, I want to know more about WoW players and I want to go straight to the source.
    This is your chance to tell the people how you game and why, honestly.
    If you have a spare few minutes it would be super great if you could complete my survey; it's with some other students from my university in Australia, all of our contact details are available before you agree to do anything.
    If you'd be open to it please email gamingresearchgroup17 at gmail or reply to this thread (I can't post the link here)
    Thanks in advance if you decide to help out!

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    Will former players do? or just current ones?

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    Former players would be great!

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