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    raiding crossrealm

    all this CRZ technology was introduced during cataclysm if i remember correctly, so its been like 5 years now. it has always been confusing to me.
    u can play with friends from other servers, like do quests together or even dungeons.

    but can you raid crossrealm ? i play on stormscale EU server and unfortunately there are no polish guilds, so i would like to join one from burning legion server and raid together with them. is that possible ? are there any requirements, conditions or its just not possible ?

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    At the end of MoP they added cross realm Mythic raiding. You could already do Normal and Heroic cross raiding at MoP release iirc. I didnt raid in WoD so I cant confirm if Mythic cross realm is still a thing.

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    They didn't add Mythic cross-realm until 6.2 or sometime after it, IIRC.

    But yeah, you can raid crossrealm, with the Group Finder.
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    You can raid crossrealm without trouble, Mythic normally opens later, but also normally takes time to get there.
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    Usually you can raid normal/heroic crossrealm but not the mythic version of the current tier,when a new tier comes they usually enable mythic crossrealm for old tier(s)
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