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    Cool [ Cooking ] Beer Basted Boar Ribs - REAL recipe!

    Maybe the forum is bit too angry these days and I just found this recipe for a world of warcraft dish: Beer Basted Boar Ribs!

    Give it a try!


    BONUS: Here is the recipe for spice bread:


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    You are a girl who plays wow and cooks? well hello there

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    That's just awesome!
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    Wow, credit to you for that.

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    Adding this to my recipe book for next weekend.

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    it's definitely taking more than 1 second to make , damn you blizzard.

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    Any grinding involved? I mean, of ingredients?

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    Is that your own channel?
    I usually dont approve of marketing your own channel.
    But this is a really fun and thought out concept.
    Are you doing WoW recipes only or other games aswell?
    Well done.

    Maybe a fun idea to have people post which recipe they want next (to get some engagement with your new fanbase)

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    No bonus stats? At leas give me a +3 Strength or increased stamina.

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    There are quite a few better recipes out there for beer based barbecue. I wouldn't even waste ribs on this recipe.

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    I'm used to ribs with some sweet dark sauce and crunched peanuts over it . This looks good too though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoanaLisa View Post
    Any grinding involved? I mean, of ingredients?
    I see what you did there >=D

    Eh, i have actually done the recipe before. I beer baste a lot of foods, and usually turns out absolutely delicious.

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