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    WoW: Waiting on World (Boss)

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    Apex vs Will of the Emperor 25 man hc world 5th

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    Not sure why a thread about a festival got closed and referred here. Dem kids with power over-moderating just because it ALSO had a video in it even though the focus of the thread wasn't the video...

    If you haven't heard of it, check out the Wanderer's Festival - www.youtube.com/watch?v=TA3ygO8j6s4

    Just don't make a thread on it or some kid will close it.
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    WoW MOP: Tyrande = (Major Spoilers)

    WoW MOP: Tyrande = (Major Spoilers)

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    In 2008 I started archiving my WoW screenshots. I also had a bunch from early TBC on my laptop which sadly disappeared.

    Here's one of those horrifying texture messups that would sometimes happen after alt-tabbing. Female orc with male blood elf skin I believe.

    Hallow's End 2008 in Karazhan, leper gnomes trying the brand new /cower animation

    The infamous zombie invasion.

    A trome? This must not have been a client-based texture bug since the corpse caused a bit of a commotion.

    Special server event.

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    I like chickens. Don't you dare judge me!
    I decided to make some How to Achieve videos, since people are having problems or wanna see how other people do the achievements, so here are the 2 first videos I just uploaded to YouTube, I hope you enjoy. I will update this atleast 2-3 times a week.

    ---------- Post added 2012-10-16 at 11:41 PM ----------

    Another one to come, hope you enjoy!

    Yak Attack
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    Some fun in RBG's with a few friends vs some server rivals with a bit of intended Bantar!

    Hope you enjoy the video!

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    I like chickens. Don't you dare judge me!
    I uploaded 2 more 'How to Achieve' videos, I'll hope you enjoy them!

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    Did a Monk soloing Sarth 3d 10 man in 1 min!

    I challenge anyone of any class to beat my time and make a video response
    If you have any questions leave them in the comments< easier for me to respond as I receive emails from comments>

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    WoW MOP: Varian Wrynn = (Major Spoilers)

    WoW MOP: Varian Wrynn = (Major Spoilers)

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    Hello there Friends, countrymen and fellow wowers. Okay lame start but meh. So I recently started working on my UI and figured hey why not record some videos of it so I did and i
    Though I Would share. Furthermore I plan to kinda do a few various Wow shows involving things from Addons some Pvp fun i have with my alts and maybe something else that I am still working on which is a huge project. Here is the First UI video will post more at a later time. Hope you guys enjoy and have a great day.

    The Youtubes
    FS7 Gaming
    Minecraft, World of Warcraft, and Guild Wars 2 all great games played by a not so great gamer..

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    Hey everyone. As many people are aware, whenever you enter arena regardless of being in a raid, you lose your marks. Well I made a quick video explaining how to fix this problem for those struggling to find an answer.

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    Hello friends.

    Hi everyone, how are you dear, i am rooz merry and i am new here.

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    First kill of Elegon (Taken from Livestream)

    Thanks for watching!

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    The Youtubes
    FS7 Gaming
    Minecraft, World of Warcraft, and Guild Wars 2 all great games played by a not so great gamer..

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    History of World of Warcraft (video)

    Hey there guys, there's an epic video with English subtitles and sound about the whole World of Warcraft lore. Mostly focusing on patches, bosses and endgame content leading all the way up to Mists of Pandaria, starting from Vanilla Onyxia times.

    Time for some awesome nostalgia with nice visuals eh? ^^

    PS: Sadly it didn't allow me to paste a link so make sure you input www first


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    WoW: MOP | BM Hunter One-Button PvP

    WoW: MOP | BM Hunter One-Button PvP

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    Superfast way to get to level 18 from level 12 in 30 minutes, best for alliance side!

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    Hey Falcon is back too woot!
    But some might remember me from covering the Mists beta, and I'll be doing what I can to cover things in all the PTR's as well, so here to start is a bit of info about the changes to Pet Battle in the 5.1 PTR.

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    Hey, me and a mate of mine thought we'd do some arena and record the outcome. Some clips are vs high end PvP'ers and others are just rediculous hunter/warrior comps that we managed to outplay, hope you enjoy!

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