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    Arm or 1 million dollars?

    Me and a friend were debating would you sacrifice an arm (of your choice) for a million dollars cash?
    There are no strings attached to money. An arm for a million dollars, that's it.
    Would you take the deal? Thoughts?
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    High Overlord Lovehunter's Avatar
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    Nope, I need my two arms for gaming and general life

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    Losing an arm for just one million...?

    No thanks.

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    You'd have to up that massively, before I'd do it 10 mills? 20? Perhaps .. I don't know.

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    Mechagnome mypally's Avatar
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    just 1 mill? nope. 10 mil and Id think about it
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    It would have to be in the billions before I would even consider it, but, I think I would always choose arm over money.
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    Elemental Lord Mokoshne's Avatar
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    Arm is worth more than 1million dollars.
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    Arm. I can make a million dollars with enough hard work. I can't grow an arm back.
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    Fluffy Kitten Majad's Avatar
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    I have no idea, but if a prosthetic arm would cost less than 500k Dollars, than probably, yes, as long as the arm can do what the original could.

    Still... I think I'd like to keep my arm.
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    Ummmmm no, I stand to make more than 1 million dollars in my lifetime with my career choice. And I kinda need my arm for that career choice.

    If it was an amount that I could live comfortably for the rest of my life without having to pennypinch? maybe.... but probably still no

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    Mechagnome mypally's Avatar
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    haha, so funny side note. At this point in the voting, it is more one sided then the "would you castrate yourself to live longer" poll
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    Bloodsail Admiral The_Butcher's Avatar
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    With prosthetics as they are now? not a chance in hell.
    Even if the money was in the billions, as of now still no.
    in a few decades of progress for prosthetics. Possibly.
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    just 1 mil ? no thanks. maybe 50 mil or so but only when a full robotic prostetic arm is available. :P

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    Over 9000! Tommo's Avatar
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    Your arm is priceless man! Unless you offered me enough money to buy another one thats almost 100% similar.

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    Legendary! Tekkommo's Avatar
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    My arm is worth a lot more than 1 million dollars, especially considering 1 million dollars isn't that much these days.

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    hell no, I need these arms!

    At least not until we've got bionic arm replacements that cost under 1 million dollars...

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    The Patient
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    I would keep my arm. If it were for leg however..

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    Mechagnome Yurika Misumaru's Avatar
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    no thanks, i rather like having 2 arms. As long as i'm comfortably fed and sheltered no amount of money could convince me to part with any part of my anatomy. But then i dont really have an obsession with money and/or life's luxuries.

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    I dont know, I would have to think about it. between my work and that money, we'd be set for life. make it 5 mil and you can take it!

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    1 million dollars is nothing nowadays.
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