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    Pokemon X/Y Friend Safari

    Hello everyone!
    Finally, after spending 37 hours playtime (was late with starting the game), I managed to beat the Elite Four in one shot (which never hapened in any of the previous Pokemon games I've played previously ), so I wanted to play abit around Safari Zone.

    Seeing as the Pokemon main thread derailed into all-Nintendo-related topic (with 2k+ pages) and that I haven't found a Safari specific thread on these forums, I decided to create this topic for people to post their Friend Codes and Pokemons they have in their Safari.

    Finding your FC code
    Friend Safari explained

    my FC: 5429-7640-5866
    Trainer name: Zastin
    Pokemon: (not known for the moment, someone PM me what I have in there so that I can update this bit)
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    There already is a Friend Code/Safari thread on the 5th page of Video Games forum.

    That said, most active Pokémon players are on the mainthread, even with all the Offtopic banter.
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    Strange that it didn't show up in the search results .....
    Well, any mod that can delete this topic then ?

    3DS FC: 5429-7640-5866
    Safari Type: Rock - Rhydon, Boldore, Pupitar

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    Also for quick access, the Pokemon main thread here in Fun Stuff: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/973427-Pok%C3%A9mon!

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