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    Question regarding haste

    Dear members,

    Perhaps it has been posted but can't find it.

    I have a question, currently i'm raiding in a Frost Spec and an ilvl of 568 with the following stats:

    56.17% haste(raidbuffed, otherwise 19.532/46%).
    25% crit
    62% Mastery.

    Is this viable? Or should i go for more mastery?



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    There should already be numerous topics on this. But generally you're going to want to aim for 14242 or 15832 haste, and stack the rest into mastery.

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    Boop, enjoy.

    For the future, please check at least the front page before posting. If it's a spec-specific question, you can ask the spec-specific stickies at the top (that's why we have them), or check to see if a thread can already answer your question.

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    We're actually seeing that 14242-15697 haste is where mastery begins to take over. I'd drop a bit into mastery to hit that level.

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    As the topic is a duplication of many other ones on the front page and it has been answered/redirected anyways. Am closing this up..

    In the future, would be nice if people would do a bit of research if such a question has been asked before, before making a new thread. Now ofc it is possible to do research and still not find the information you are looking for. But even in those cases a question like this might be better suited for "Help my DPS" or either of the frost guides.

    Thread Closed.

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