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    [Mage] How viable are all-specs in PvE (live and beta)?

    So I have been putting off the mage class for years and now that I've finally hit 90 on my mage I have no idea why. I haven't even begun gearing but I don't plan to raid until Warlords because I abhor SoO. I've seen enough of that place on my warlock. My question is are all three specs readily viable in fairly even proportion on live? On beta? I enjoy all three specs and I hope I'll be able to bounce between them regularly. Not that it's relevant but I do plan on making my mage my main for mythic raiding. I know as a warlock I was pigeon holed into one spec or another the vast majority of the time.
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    I went over the new talent trees and changes in WoD and wondered a little bit the same. Anyone in beta already has an idea about how the dmg inbetween those specs is?

    I play a mage since vanilla and always liked to play fire, the thing was until your gear was top tier fire often underperformed and then went nuts.
    Frost just came lately into the game as a PVE spec, but with the removal of dmg on Alter Time it looks a little bit boring to me.
    And i hate arcane, cant touch this.

    So any numbers so far?

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    For live, Frost is the best starter spec with lower gear, you'll have fun with it.

    On the beta the numbers haven't been done yet, but for now it seems that mages are looking quite solid for all 3 specs, or at least Frost and Arcane are, I didn't read much about Fire. But we don't know yet if they'll be balancing talents and spell coefficients any more so we can't be completely sure. I wouldn't want to make any definitive statements, at least not until October.

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    Been having a lot more fun with Fire in beta than Arcane. I think it's mostly a gearing issue since reforging is gone (and items reverted back to original values then item squished) it seems that a lot of SoO gear has crit on it. I started Beta at lv 90 with nearly 45% crit (was at 48% in MoP with reforges). At lv 95, I'm down to about ~30% but the Draenor Perk for fire mages (non-crit fireballs give you a crit buff, stacking till you crit) seems to balance it out.

    Will re-evaluate at lv 100.

    And I still have to try out Frost as well.
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    Beta - Dunno. Tuning is not done. Answers will come once it is.

    Live - Search this forum for the other million times this has been asked.

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    About live: Every spec is perfectly viable, Fire a bit less so before decent crit, but even that is easily achieved nowdays.

    Quote Originally Posted by Frost1129 View Post
    Live - Search this forum for the other million times this has been asked.
    While the question is asked a lot, it doesn't really give the right to be snarky.. Also see Shang's post above, he said the exact same as you did. So you didn't really add anything to this thread.

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