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    [TV] The Young Pope

    I had 0 good expectations, I was expecting either furious fedora-tipping mayhem or the equivalent of going to church as a kid when all I wanted was to play videogames. The first 5 minutes however blew my fucking mind. Fell instantly in love. It's easily the best tv show of 2016 for me, the writing, setting, acting, characters, dialogue, style and substance are way above anything I've seen in a very long time.

    If you liked The Great Beauty and you haven't seen this already, I wonder what the hell you guys are doing.
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    Jude Law? Color me interested.

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    I'm hotly anticipating this show. Looks fantastic and fascinating. Catholics are so bizarre to me that even a fictional portrayal carries a huge degree of curiosity for me.

    Jude looked great in all the previews I saw as well.

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    Time to hop on to piratebay

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    Watched the entire season and I am blown away. Best TV series of 2016.

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    i have watched it and its stupid like shit. The only way this production could ever work is clueless people beeing reconfirmed of their stereotypes about "catholics".

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    There's no kiddie fiddling in this. Can't be about Catholic priests.

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