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    Any fans of Post Modern Jukebox?

    They are coming near me on their tour. I like them a lot...... but not sure I like them at $108 a ticket! I don't even know how bands like this can even get those kinds of prices. Like I saw Carrie Underwood with great seats for $65. I saw Roger Waters for $95...... and PMJ gets $108? OK, so smaller venue, but still....

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    Yea, I liked a lot of their covers. The ones done by Puddles the Clown are fantastic. So good I supported the Patreon based on the strength of his performances.

    I find some of the arrangements kinda boring though. But the guy who puts PMJ together has an excellent ear for vocalists. Cristina Gatti is very good.

    Nicely recorded vocals as well. But sometimes the overall mix is a little too hot and noisy. Like on "Careless Whisper" or "Thrift Shop". I wish they would mic some things better though. I can barely hear the snare on "Wake Me Up".

    The recordings of "Team", "Royals", "We Can't Stop" and "Wake Me Up" are great fun and well done.

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    Oh and "Sweater Weather", which is my favorite cover they have done. Transformative.

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    Yeah I like a good amount of their covers, especially anything with Morgan James and Christina Gatti. Their cover of Maps is a awesome, high energy performance that I’ve listened to a ton. Burn is a great one, as is Just Like Heaven with Natalie Angst. I don’t enjoy too many of the male vocalists but they’re real good at finding women with knockout voices.

    108 is steep for sure, but probably worth it.
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    As an update, there are 25 tickets on stubhub for sale, asking list price, so I bet the actual concert is sold out.

    Honesty, I was expecting 45 - 65 bucks for the best seats for PMJ..... it's not like they are superstars. I could probably ask the first 25 I know if they know who PMJ is, and likely nobody would know.

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