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    Physical media for music

    Do you still use physical media to listen to music? Like records or CDs. Maybe 8 tracks? Currently I'm not but I've been considering getting a record player. There's a store here in town that has a massive collection of records.
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    Got a record player and CD player for my collection. Walkman and MP3 for when I'm on the go. Bit of a Retro tech geek hence why I have a Walkman or even an MP3 player.
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    I do, but mostly because it feels good to watch my hoard grow. I can't even really play most of it outside of my car anymore, but I still like having stacks and stacks of music. That being said, I'm not a record guy, but my parents have like 2 dozen random artists (a fair amount of it is pop music from the 70s and 80s) sitting around in a closet somewhere, my dad had a couple hundred at one point, but a car crashed into his bedroom and destroyed most of them.

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    It happens yes

    But then again, if you look at my avatar, i play guitar 'n' shit :P
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    I usually buy cds off of amazon. A lot of times it's cheaper than buying digital from Amazon almost always cheaper than iTunes plus I get a digital copy with the cd from Amazon.
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    No. Seems inconvenient.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blueobelisk View Post
    No. Seems inconvenient.
    It's not really about convenience some people like the sound of the music that comes from records.
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    I'm 27, so Walkmans were still around when I was growing up. My half-sister had a walkman, and my sister had a CD player. My brother had a record player. By the time I hit secondary school age and I was allowed to have 'portable technology', the minidisc and MP3 players were heading to market so really I grew up without much physical media for music.

    The only physical media I have these days are Placebo's LP's, but I don't have a record player to play them on. Main reason I bought them was for a project (memorial for my brother as he was, and I am, huge fans of the band) but I'd love to get a player to play them on.

    Most of my music lives in Spotify these days purely for convenience.

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    I still have a few vinyl CDs hanging around.

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    Tend to stream music more than purchase nowadays, though I used to buy it on physical media due to lack of storage space for digital.
    Digital for music tends to be very convenient due to the limited number of songs present on most physical media.
    Different for movies though, where the inconvenience is far less.
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    I still buy CDs, yes.

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    No, my phone will do just fine.

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    I tend to prefer digital, far less clutter. far easier to get more hard drive space and to keep my files organised than physical space and organisation
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    I have some CD's in my car because it's old and that's the only option that will work.

    Other than that I stream all music, through reciever when I'm home and phone when I'm not.

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    For most of the music, digital, but for the best music, I think having it in a collection is mandatory for optimal pleasure and satisfaction
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    Quote Originally Posted by pacox View Post
    WTF is a CD?

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    While I've stopped buying CDs and made the jump to digital music, I do still have a portable cd player and listen to some cds whenever I go out somewhere.
    I still want WoW's soundtracks, so I just buy the Digital deluxe edition and buy the OST from itunes.
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    Last year I had a new system installed in my pickup. The deck is radio/mp3 with no slot for a CD. I almost only use my little generic mp3 player plugged into the front usb port. In hindsight I think I would like to have the ability to play cds.
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    I only have vinyl records for those albums I consider exceptional or remarkable in some manner. Never buy physical media aside from the occasional used book.

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