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    Addon that automatically alerts you to rare mobs

    I used to have an addon that would automatically target and tell me when a rare mob was close by. But I can't remember the name of it. Could someone help me out please. And also is there one out there that tells you when treasure is near. Like chests and such. Wondering because of the hidden treasure chests introduced with MOP.

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    NPCscan /10chars

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    No addons for chestes sadly (Would be nice trough, seing how many hidden things there are etc).

    But NPCscan if its updated for MOP works great.

    Do note however only worth while drops from rares are a flask thingie, and a grinder item that cuts -1.5 sec's off mining herbing etc.

    Else besides thoes 2 I dunno...glad rares dont drop to good items trough.
    One reason for WoW decline I often hear is that its an old game and naturally people get bored with it. But TV is much older and people still watch that. Surely if a thing you once enjoyed keept staying fun, you would still use it?

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    http://www.wowhead.com/item=86580 also drops from a rare spawn, it's effectively a personal Symbiosis and rather nice for some specs.

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    Thanks all much appreciated

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