View Poll Results: The most badass race if they actually existed?

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  • Orc

    125 18.25%
  • Tauren

    51 7.45%
  • Dwarf

    49 7.15%
  • Blood elf

    38 5.55%
  • Worgen

    74 10.80%
  • Troll

    49 7.15%
  • Goblin

    17 2.48%
  • Draenei

    32 4.67%
  • Undead

    124 18.10%
  • Gnome

    34 4.96%
  • Night elf

    33 4.82%
  • Pandaren

    59 8.61%
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    in my opinion the badassery goes like this

    1: the pandaren are the most badass race and my sig says why O-O

    2: blood elves

    3: dwarves

    4: undead (if this includes all variations and classes of undead including the scourge if its just the forsaken we play as then they are number 5

    5: worgen (number 4 if ^)
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    Forsaken, hands down.

    "Oh, we were killed and resurrected by dark slave-magic, and our allies have forsaken us? FUCK THAT, we still live here!"
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    Gotta agree with the poll results that orc and undead are the 2 most badass races in a tie. Except for Thrall, don't find him badass at all anymore.

    Why has pandaren so many votes? Just looking at them makes me wanna cuddle them...

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    Orc! They are just so...Badass!

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    Undead, anyone that doesn't vote undead has some serious issues with the word "badass"
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    The Orcish race is full of awsome-ness

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    Quote Originally Posted by AiAtola View Post
    Undead, anyone that doesn't vote undead has some serious issues with the word "badass"
    well I dont really like much about being a rotting, smelly corpse
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    I'd probably say Orc.

    Since now they're really one of the only cool races that isn't just a magically changed/mutated version of some other creature... I don't count draenei because of retcons...
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    I've always loved the Night Elves, especially the way they were portrayed in Warcraft 3. Their primal attunement to nature, Demon Hunters, priestesses capable of causing the stars to fall, druids, beings of the wild helping them, alliances with chimeras, badass archers... Yeah. Too bad Tyrande gave Varian command of her forces (seriously, what the hell was wrong with her in that scenario? WC3 Tyrande would never blindly rush in) and Malfurion and Shandris aren't doing anything.
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    where the hell are the HOZEN on this chart!? clearly you ooking dook mankers ought to be jibbed in the nib for your insolence
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    Orcs have Broxigar, they win automatically ;D

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    worgen would be the best imo, who wouldnt want to shapeshift

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    Orc and Forsaken hands down the most badass races.

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    Undead are not 'badass', there just bad.

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    Orcs, Trolls, and Gnomes

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    No humans on the poll? It's not considered badass to be the most normal race in the game, and yet be able to stand toe-to-toe or shoulder-to-shoulder with the more magical and exotic races in the game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoanaLisa View Post
    Let's be clear: It's Pandaria, not 'panda land'. Everyone got the message?
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    Night Elf because they can be invisible

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    Pre-Cataclysm Night Elves. Pained in ToW was a good example of what they are and should still be like.

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    Undead duh their so cool
    been dead before dying
    so hipster
    look at those imba casting animations
    and the city, it's totally underground
    they are remorseless and cruel and shit
    omg cannibalize
    can't breathe
    gaaaahhhhh fucking undead
    ssoooooo cooooool... *gurgle*
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