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    Arcane Torrent "Unintended 6%?"

    From today's 5.0.5 hotfix list:
    Arcane Torrent now returns 2% of base mana (was previously an unintended 6%).
    So, has the tooltip been wrong for years now or did they change their minds on how much it should return and didn't change the tooltip to reflect that? Or am I just missing something.
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    Unintended to give 6% after 5.0 I guess.

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    I'm guessing it was a server-side buff after the last patch.
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    When patch 5.0.4 went live they unintentionally buffed the spell and now simply corrected it.

    Also, for a moment I was "wtf is this ability and why didn't I ever see it". Then I remembered I play only alliance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shangalar View Post
    When patch 5.0.4 went live they unintentionally buffed the spell and now simply corrected it.
    They unintentionally buffed it to what the tooltip has said since BC was released?
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    o thats that blood elf spell right? lol eat nerf horde scum!

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    Because Blood Elf racials are worth anything...I play one because I enjoy how they look as casters and in gear in general, but I hate how our racials do not benefit us for the most part anymore. Back in Cata and before I could say, "Hey the forsaken don't have anything for PvE at least." Now that isn't true ;_;. And with the new 90 talents, mana isn't an issue so Arcane Torrent is.....a silence at best.*

    *This is all on PvE
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