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    sha is 2hour respawn from the time of his death.

    Galleon seems to be 2 -5 day respawn.

    Its Somthing like:
    30% spawn 48hrs
    50% spawn 72hrs
    70% spawn 96hrs
    100% spawn 120hrs

    it seems to be somthing like that so it all depends on how "lucky" your server is.

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    Had him spawn 24 hrs after killing him (killed him 10:30 AM wednesday, and at 11:30 AM thursday).

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    Perhaps they nerfed the spawn time.
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    first group killed him on thrusaday(night?) then our group kill him on saturday morning then today(monday) in the morning we saw him but an epic battle between horde and ally had occured and they won the fight and slayed galleon.

    so i say about 2 day??? i still havent confirmed if you can loot him more than once without using the elder coin, because the respawn timer on him is much much longer than sha of anger(2 hours for him)
    Just killed him a second time in a week - he does give loot every kill.

    1-3 days seems to be the respawn timer, 0-6 hours after server restart he seems to spawn, Instant respawn on server shut downs.
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    Hi Palmz!

    Its two days roughly. It can vary a few hours in either direction. Also server restarts can spawn him regardless of time.

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    It seems to a random respawn. I killed him on Illidan at 8:22am server then he spawned again at 10 that night. But he has yet to spawn today.
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    He spawned twice on my server yesterday. About 12 hours apart.

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    I've had him spawn in as little as 12 hours, so 2-3 days is out.

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    yup same here. killed him tuesday morning, killed again wednesday. killed him again thursday morning, spawned again thursday afternoon. havent seen him since then though

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