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    Quote Originally Posted by The Ogdru Jahad View Post
    You played vanilla if you know you had to pay 1kg for epic riding.
    i remember when i finally farmed enough for this. was one of the greatest achievements for me back then. haha!

    OT. hunters had quivers that added 15% haste, and were also an ammo bag.

    a lot of the other shit i remember was already mentioned tho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maudib View Post
    Easy.. they quit WoW sometime during Wrath because it was never the same after BC...
    I started in early 06 and i'm still around
    Druid since Feb. 06

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    Quote Originally Posted by bybis View Post
    You played vanilla if you enjoyed running on feet until level 40
    Yeah except early on a lot of us 'enjoyed' running on foot, until 60. Who actually had 100g from questing back then?

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    When you needed four people with the Aqual Quintessence for MC to douse the runes as it was a one-use item back then and you had to re-visit the giant water elemental in Azshara to get a refill.
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    --None of us "old timers" actually call it vanilla, but rather remember what WoW used to be like lol?
    --Bringing eight pallies to a raid, and every single one of them was holy...
    --Taking an entire 40man raid into UBRS/LBRS entrace to MC that mob and get the damn buff
    --Making rogues disarm traps in the suppression room
    --having four tanks lined out to "die" on Vael, without any kind of threat meter at all...
    --Best gear in the game was from raiding only, and all the pvp gear had zero resilience
    --Doing Mara runs to farm NR gear lol

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    1. Stance Dancing to avoid fear, or alliance guilds only wanting a dwarf priest cause of fear ward.
    2. Ambush Backstab kills any cloth, Ambush Backstab + Tissel Tea + Backstab kills anyting else
    3. Retaliation + Sweeping Strikes + whirlwind
    4. Rogues killing themselves to Shamans Lighting Shield
    5. Had to feed your pet to keep him happy (Hunter)
    6. Barman Shanker
    7. Boats disappearing on your way to theramore to fight Ony.
    8. Cthun bug 1 shotting the whole raid
    9. BoP tanking Huhuran (sp?)
    10. Hunters epic Bow/staff quest line

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fawxey View Post
    Yeah except early on a lot of us 'enjoyed' running on foot, until 60. Who actually had 100g from questing back then?
    You didn't, you had to work the AH aswell and buy almost nothing, also lvl'ing professions? Nu uh. Not untill late in vanille did they increase the gold from quests. I believe it was in the patch when lvl 60's where able to gain profit from doing quests after they dinged 60. Exp became gold for them. When it first came out I was like, WOOHOO 2g50silver for a quest, only 400 more quests till my epic mount. Altho there wheren't that many quests lol.

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    I've not read the whole thread so most of these have probably been said.

    You remember when there was no honor point system.
    You remember random loot chests could be found around the world.
    You remember that hunters had access to three pets only.
    You remember that non mob loot/herbs/nodes/etc did not sparkle.
    You remember that gold was scarce to come by.
    You remember that Sylvanas had a night elf model.
    You remember that you didn't get your first mount until level 40, and when you got it, it felt like god.

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    --if you did barman shanker runs at 52

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    When a tank breaking 8 k hp was almost unheard of.
    When orc rogues were almost unstunnable doe to racial
    When you could macro a rogue to use 1 button for the entire rotation with if slice and dice is on and if 5cp (check cold blood), eviscerate, if slice and dice is =<3seconds slice and dice, else sinister strike, I dont remember the exact code anymore, but it was so amazing...

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    Well that's easy. They never want to go back to Vanilla.

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    Oh i forgot

    1. Windfury one-shots
    2. Recklessness 100% crit chance for 12 seconds
    3. 30/60 minute raid cool-downs

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    You know you played vanillia wow when it took 4hours to get 40 people together to run UBRS and another 4 hours to run it.
    You know you played vanilla wow when AV took almost all day to play!!

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    1. Horde Mind-Controlling Paladins outside of Onyxia's Lair and asking you to give their entire raid Blessing of Kings in a custom emote.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vindicatorx View Post
    No mention of plainstriding yet?
    I am almost positive that Plainstriding was never live. It was removed while the game was in open beta.

    Quote Originally Posted by kudaddy View Post
    --None of us "old timers" actually call it vanilla
    Some of us do :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tziva View Post
    I am almost positive that Plainstriding was never live. It was removed while the game was in open beta.
    You sir are correct. Plainstriding never made it to vanilla, along with silly things like paladin auras being abilities you had to keep on your bar

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    you know u played vanilla when you could only use paladins on alli and shammys on horde

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    You used thottbot to find out how to complete a certain quest >_>
    So good to be an ant who crawls atop a spinning rock
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    If, as a druid, you remember getting on the boat from Auberdine to Menethil, then running through the Wetlands, through the mountain pass into Loch Modan, up into Ironforge, getting the tram to Stormwind, then running down to the coast off of Westfall to do the quest for your aquatic form, after reading up how to do it on Thottbot.
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