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    Fruit barrel and Vial are going to be very close to each other number-wise. If there are identifiable advantageous times for the on-use of Fruit Basket, then it will be better since it comes out to be more spirit than Vial. However, if that proc can't be utilized then the constant Intellect and on-use of Vial is going to be the better choice.

    I'll be switching Fruit Barrel and Vial around depending on each encounter.

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    So question is, after this:

    The Price of Progress trinket effect been adjusted to occur less frequently.
    Are we still worth using Price of Progress or will Barrel+Vial combo be superior now? Shame there's no indication of the amount nerfed.

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    Ugh they had to go and nerf price of it still worth farming for? Or is the fruit barrel + vial the new combo?
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    price has probably been nerfed to pull it in line with the other trinkets of the same item level. a proc like price with such a low icd would put it on par with the best trinkets in the tier

    according to 3rd party tests it's around 45 seconds

    servers down so can't test myself

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    I've been reading this thread actively, although not replying until now.

    I'm still not 100% on the combo I'm going to use as my regular setup.

    The PoP nerf has me thinking even more.

    I will continue my lurking of the internet until I find some solid numbers.

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    Well i was wondering if people have any hard test data on PoP now after the nerfs to its proc rate. Personally i am not seeing many returns from this trinket. I also have the fruit barrel and the vial of ichorous blood so i was going to plan on using those two instead since it seems to me like they will be better forms of regen now then PoP is.

    Its just my opinion, obv, im trying to see if anyone has any data regarding PoP in its current state.
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    Here's my calculated mp/5 from PoP for 5 of the 6 bosses in MV.

    565+524+548+447+575= 2659 / 5 = 531.8 mp/5

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