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    Fury PvP Question

    For Fury PvP would TG or SMF be better overall? Just to say you have Malevolent weapons.

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    i would like to know that to

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    I imagine that TG with reckstorm would be best for RBG AoE pressure and SMF with shockwave would be best for control in arenas. I have had some good games in 2s as SMF with 489/476 Elegions and partial PvE gear at lower ratings. Keep in mind you only get PvP power from 1 of your 2 2 handers so you'd probably want a N/H Starshatter or any difficulty Shin'ka as your off or main hand, depending if you have a t2 weapon or not and what your PvE weapon is.
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    in my head i believe smf might be better due rage gain, and some of the non proc reliable attacks hit harder with SMF (heroic strike) and more execute dmg!

    But i geuss its also somewhat what type of BG you mean. normals, rated, arena. TB.

    Hope somewhat with more insight can help us out.
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    I play fury pvp again this xpack and... SMF is the way to go. Its burst is higher since its more focused on skills dmg over white strikes of TG.
    I tried TG but when you cant have advantage of 2x pvp weapons you loose TGs thing :/
    Geme smtn 2 kielllllll.

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