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    Demo is xtra fun...

    Seriously, my lock is in scrub gear and I'm still learning the spec, but damn it's fun.
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    I'm still not fully familiar with the spec but yeah i hear its a fun spec to play.

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    awesome in dungeons, frustrating in raids (still viable though).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonkura View Post
    awesome in dungeons, frustrating in raids (still viable though).

    WTB A long cooldown that fills the Demonic Fury Bar.
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    i've been playing demo since 4.1 and it's been awesome, 5.0.4 changes add a lot to the spec although i agree that beginning without any demonic fury when everybody pops cooldows is kinda annoying... normally you shouldnt BL at the beggining in a raid, i haven't raided as demo at all since mop came out yet... any ways, AoE is damm crazy and fun, so is that "die, everything" feeling when you get into meta with DS:K. You know what's REALLY annoying? tanks who wait 30+ seconds for no reason whatsoever before pulling a boss... I'M RUNNING OUT OF DF!!!
    It's awesome anyways...
    However i must say i recently changed my offspec to destro (used to be affli, because it's theoretically higher but damm it's boring) and it's so much fun too. Did a bg yesterday, and although we lost, i ended up first on KB and 2nd on damage done, it's pretty cool when a healer thinks he's safe with 200k+ hp and he's healing his teammates-> POW! chaos bolt to the face! bye bye! (at least for random bgs xD )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonkura View Post
    awesome in dungeons, frustrating in raids (still viable though).
    I also agree, Demo was a lot of fun for dungeons, and you get huge numbers too; but on the few attempts i had on Mog Vaults bosses it went Affy for all the multi dotting.

    IMO it takes a little bit more skill to play Affy well than Demo well because you need to make good decisions on how to spend your shards vs. Demo which is a stance dance game with really only one dot (Doom) to worry about, since you always refresh Corruption with ToC; and soul fire costs so much mana..

    It is better to have raided and wiped, then to never have raided at all.

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