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    The Transfer on Transendence states it's a 40 yard range, and isn't appearing that way. it's way short of a range, and is rarely worth using. Bug?

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    I woudn't say it's rarely worth using, it gives us some great mobility and will really shine in PvP and at times PvE.

    As for it being shorter range I really havn't noticed at all.

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    I always keep it outside of boss doors. Easy reset ftw.
    Quote Originally Posted by bizzy View Post
    yeh but lava is just very hot water

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babaganouch View Post
    I always keep it outside of boss doors. Easy reset ftw.
    your picture with that statement was awesome.

    I use it alot actually, when tanking if I'm going low on heatlh I just transfer & gives my healer some time to get me up, or say on the scarlet halls fight with harlan. I put my spirit up top, tank up top, when he gets coming up, jump down, when he's past it, transfer back up, put spirit back down.

    I love this spell, so great

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    It's an ability that some monks will find very useful in certain situations, and the others will balk at because they have no idea how to use it effectively. I personally just wish the Transfer had a slightly lower cooldown.

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    The point of this post wasn't to point out the use of of transc. It was to note that the range is a bit short.

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    That's the point, the range isn't really that short. It's 40(50-glyphed) yards. If it was 20 yards, then it would be too short. At 40, it's pretty good and very usable.

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    Best use I've found for it is placing it next to a mail box then running to the AH. Instant transfer back and forth... about it. (Granted I haven't started PvPing yet in BG's so I'm sure it will get more useful)

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    It appears to be very useful at times, but the cooldown of the transfer is a bid too high, especially considering that you transfer back to where you came from, instead of just leaving your spirit where you put it in the first place (like the warlock portal).

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