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    Cooldown addon

    Hey guys,

    Anyone know a good addon that shows me my cooldowns on for instance recklessness and skull banner and avatar as some examples. I'd like something that i can move a "window" on my screen and within it shows me a countdown and when they are ready. Really hard to explain sorry but you guys know any good cooldown timers that are not just adding a countdown on the skill icon itself?

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    Forte has a cooldown bar thats quite nice, it will show all of your cd's and also tracks icd's of trinkets:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tryana View Post
    Forte has a cooldown bar thats quite nice, it will show all of your cd's and also tracks icd's of trinkets:
    Thanks will check this one out.

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    I personally prefer TellMeWhen over ForteXorcist, simply because it is so much easier to set up - using it on all my toons to keep track of pretty much everything (from dots to abilities and trinket cooldown).

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    My favorite is Coolline. Shows your cooldown icons on a timeline sliding towards "0" when its ready.
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    Depends on the "outcome" you want to achieve. Simple bars can be implemented with "NeedToKnow". It's absolutely lightweight and supereasy to setup - but along with it not very customizable. You won't see much apart from a (resizable, colorable) cooldownbar with numbers and, if you wish, the skill icon.

    If you wan't your screen to go all flashy when some skill's up I definitely recommend Power Auras Classic. It's a bit hard to get into gonfiguring it, but it's so worth the effort. PM me if you need help with it.

    Good Luck using your CDs

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