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    I'm topping meters almost all of the time and Elegon is just a dream (and the only fight that matters nhc). Instead of crying how bad we are just get better, simple as that. It's possible to do it and if you can't, well, than it's your fault. It would only annoy me if I'd do everything perfectly and other specs would be above me by a huge margin, but that just isn't the case.
    Its not a "huge" margin but it is a decent sized margin. A lot of classes have even simpler mechanics to hit those numbers which is what is troublesome. Including how Warlocks another dot oriented class isnt hurt by the "multi dot tax" at all and still excels in single target. If you take a single target fight like Feng and look at the #10 DPS of each spec (I choose #10 because it seems to be a more accurate depicition of what the class does overall, #1s tend to be more skewed/cheesed) Moonkin are last for every single spec that is remotely used other than Shadow priests. For example:
    Feral: 66888
    Frost DK: 64964
    BM: 65280
    Fire Mage: 64928
    Windwalker: 61699
    Ret: 61865
    Assass Rogue: 65958
    Elemental: 64695
    Affliction: 65172
    Fury Warr: 63464
    Moonkin: 60195

    Is it vastly behind? No. Is it noticeably behind? Yes. Its multi target capabilities also arent unparalleled like it was in Cataclysm either.

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    Single target is fine now, multi-target dps is what is dead. Wet noodle and short duration moonfire/sunfire is what's up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davestir View Post
    The only problem i see with this thread.. at least the negative comments in this thread... is that every dps moonkin that isnt happy, isnt happy because they want to be pulling EQUAL TO if not MORE DAMAGE than all other dps. It is pure dps envy.
    Tell that to my raidleader when he's fuming at me for not pulling the same DPS as everyone else when the enrage timer is TIGHT and unforgiving.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batix View Post
    What game are you people playing? lol.

    I'm in agreement with Mudkiper. Our single target is fine. Infact, I'm consistantly top in Mogushan. Single target, on a fight like Feng the Accursed, I peak at over 140k, and then it slowly falls back down and I steadily push about 55k. Armory = signature.

    Also, FoN is a PoS talent. Whoever suggested that, no wonder you have complaints about our dps.

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    Hahahahahahahahahahahah. You HAVE to be joking. I hope you're joking.
    Well, I do more dps on Feng than your 55k (constantly keeping up 61-62k) dps and still lock, mage and dk top me - so I guess your teammates are bad. And boomkins are at the bottom with hunters, easy as.

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