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    Is anybody actually gonna do this?

    I guess it's not that much gold but the mount that costs 3x http://www.wowhead.com/item=83092#sold-by
    I guess it's not that much gold given what gold inflation is like but it still seems like a huge thing. Definetly glad it's account bound. I may give it a whirl. Does anybody have those 3 orbs or even the mount already?

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    A crafted mount with a high price that has a fixed floor? Mechanohog version 2.0.

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    You bet your ass I am going to assemble Voltron!

    Oh, the engineering mounts? Meh. I'll get to them when I get to them.

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    Already made one on the 3rd day of the expac but people seem to think they can buy it for less than 100k.... Also it costs 4 orbs, not 3. I think they see the orb price and assume its the cost of the mount, they dont take into account the living steel, gems or eyes.
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    people on my server have the last mount already, the one where you put them all together to make one

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    Absolutely, some of the colors look amazing!

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    engi mounts at least look cool, wouldnt bother with the combined jc epic mount since it looks exactly like raf mount ;s

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