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    One Direction Star Finds It Hard To Deal With Gay Rumors

    Pictured: Louis Tomlinson pictured with alleged lover and fellow band member Harry Styles. Girlfriend, Eleanor Calder.

    One Direction star Louis Tomlinson has hit out at fans on Twitter who continue to suggest that he's in a reationship with bandmate, Harry Styles.

    Earlier this year, Louis laughed off the gay rumours, telling radio station KXXAS that their US fans "genuinely, seriously think that we’re in a relationship. It’s so funny!" He also revealed that some devotees were so convinced that they were an item, that they had nicknamed the lads Larry Stylinson. Then in July, Tomlinson slammed the allegations, stating that they were affecting the way himself and Styles behaved with each other, adding he only had eyes for girlfriend, Eleanor Calder.

    He told Storyboard: "This is a subject that was funny at first but now is actually hard to deal with, as I am in a relationship. "Me and Harry are best friends. People look into our every move - it is actually affecting the way me and Harry are in public." "We want to joke around, but there seems to be a different rumour every time we do anything; I act the same way with Harry as I do any of the other boys."

    The Mirror has now reported that Tomlinson has been forced to dismiss the rumours again, after a fan tweeted last night (16th September): "Funny that no matter what happens they will never deny Larry." The 20-year old heartthrob is then quoted by the tabloid as tweeting: "How’s this, Larry is the biggest load of bulls**t I've ever heard. I'm happy why can't you accept that.

    "Still months on reading ridiculous conspiracy theories. It's upsetting that I have to read them daily. Thank god for the lovely people on here." Tomlinson continued to rant: "I love all our true fans so f*****g much! That's a promise ! I assure you all I'm always true to myself ! # embarrassingtweet. "Wouldn't mind a good heart to heart with @zaynmalik right now! Missing you man!"

    Despite the rumours, Louis has continued to express his love for Calder, previously stating: “I'm a one-woman man with Eleanor. I'm a very loyal boyfriend.”

    In other related news, Tomlinson and bandmate Niall Horan were left red-faced at pal James Corden's wedding on Saturday (15th September) after turning up wearing the same Kooples suit. Niall told The Sun: "I can’t believe it. We must be spending far too much time together.” Louis added: "It’s not like they are similar, they are identical. We look like Jedward."


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    I don't know what to say really, but I'm sure that the people that call him gay, or the whole band gay, are people that dislike him or the band? I'm seeing hate towards them all the time, specially the "they are gay" thing.

    It's kinda sad that people care so much about someone they don't even know or someone that they say they hate, I mean, just ignore him? :0

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    It's typical media obsession with sexuality mixed with the standard homophobia of "Guys who aren't knuckle-dragging neanderthals must be gay--let's constantly speculate it". Not much to see here.

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    Meanwhile, banging chick on his left is a banging chick on his left - H8ers gonna H8.

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    They should find it more hard to deal with the fact that none of them can actually sing.

    Not one of them got past the singles stage in the crappy show called the X Factor.

    On topic, why he just can't ignore and shrug it off I'll never know. As long he he knows his sexuality I don't know why he would care what the media or internet says. How about, just don't read it.

    I read the paper (more than one) everyday and I have never seen him mentioned in it.

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    I don't even know who One Direction is

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    He should do something really straight in public if its pissing him off so badly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dhurn View Post
    I don't even know who One Direction is
    I assume it's a band from the article.

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    Sounds effed up. I'm no fan of boy bands, but it seems on the surface they're just getting fucked with. Even if you suspect someone is keeping a personal secret, it's a foul move to pressure them into revealing it. If you're really a fan, why are you inflicting distress?

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    Dunno who they are but they look pretty damn gay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheekin View Post
    Dunno who they are but they look pretty damn gay.
    It's called fashion... :b

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    This is kind of what you get. people have been calling guys in boy bands gay pretty much as long as I can remember. Man, all the rumors i heard about the New Kids back in the day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Majad View Post
    It's called fashion... :b
    I'm glad there is a difference between fashion and style.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Everything Nice View Post
    I assume it's a band from the article.
    Yea I googled it up, never heard of them before this thread though :P

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    And I thought boy bands ended with N sync, 15 years ago, when the bar was raised a bit higher...

    Teenage girls and their lack of musical understanding...

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    And this is what qualifies for News these days


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    Quote Originally Posted by Valort View Post
    And I thought boy bands ended with N sync, 15 years ago, when the bar was raised a bit higher...

    Teenage girls and their lack of musical understanding...
    Meh, it's not just teenage girls. Katy Perry's boobs have been selling shitty music for several years now.
    Get a grip man! It's CHEESE!

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    While I am not one to judge what is news-worthy or not, people are allowed to be interested in what they want, I don't see a potential for any proper discussion to spring from these news.
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