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    3 BETA Events confirmed

    Source: http://stormlegion.riftgame.com/en/beta/?reg=www

    Storm Legion™ stress testing is under way. Join us in events this Oct. and Nov. for hands-on experience tuning RIFT 2.0!

    Guaranteed invite with pre-order
    Or redeem Sponsor Beta Key for chance at invite
    Must opt-in to RIFT messages to receive email invitations

    Beta 1: Crucia Unleashed

    Friday, Oct. 5 (10 AM PST) – Monday, Oct. 8 (10 AM PST)

    Join us in our first Storm Legion beta stress test!

    Battle across the new continents with onslaughts and Instant Adventure, and test your will against more powerful rifts
    Experience four new souls and the wonders of Dimensions, and explore Pelladane, Cape Jule, and the city of Tempest Bay
    Discover Crucia’s secrets in the Exodus of the Storm Queen dungeon

    Pre-order now to secure your ticket to adventure! Levels 1-52.
    Beta 2: From Seratos with Love

    Details coming soon!
    Beta 3: At the Gates of Infinity

    Details coming soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeltrusDisc View Post


    Sooooooo hyped.

    This is perfect timing, too, I'll be at a LAN party and am going to for once be totally and completely obsessed with a game while I am there. lol
    Preaching to the choir!

    Three beta events sounds pretty damn good!
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    18hours till first beta

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    I got a free day tomorrow <3 RIIIFT beta event 1 of 3, here i come <3

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    Totally forgot about this thread... so gotta figure out when Beta 2 is.


    (The college student in me however is like: "noooooooooooo!!! Must.... finish.... homework!" D: )

    I fell behind a bit this past weekend with a few assignments not being turned in on time. >_>

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