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    Shamans and 2h weapons

    Hi all

    I just wanted to know if it has become viable to use a 2h weapon for enhancement again?

    I have tried to find something about it, but I cant seem to.

    I saw a video with a guy demonstrating the damage of dual wielding compared to 2h, and there didnt seem to be much of a difference.
    However, the video was in a pretty bad resolution and I couldnt see which spells he was using.

    Im just wondering if it's just me hoping, since I can see that Lava Lash is still only usable with an offhand weapon. I just started my shaman so I dont know about the higher lvls.

    But, if anyone knows anything about this, or can maby point me in the right direction, it will be much appreciated.

    Thanks alot for your time!

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    Link to video?

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    dual wield is what enh shamans do, you won't see any good shaman using 2h these days.

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    I have heard of these mythical creatures called Retribution Paladins, Arms Warriors and DeathKnights who use 2-handed weapons efficiently.

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    This entire thread will be full of people posting on how 2h Enhancement just doesn't work... i'll contribute towards it.

    It doesn't work.
    Most likely the wisest Enhancement Shaman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crakerjack View Post
    It doesn't work.
    You are losing too much damage from LL for it to be worthwhile.

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    It doesn't work and it NEVER will.

    Our abilities are to far entrenched into dual wield now to even think about 2h.

    Just to be perfectly clear, Shamans have undergone big developments now the past 2 expansions. There is no way they are going to throw all that in the bin to make 2h viable.

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    I wish these topics didn't get listed alot every week, sorry but it just won't work.

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    No, it is a bad idea. There are posts about it every where just google it. Would one of the mods please close this thread?

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    It's not completely awful. I dabbled in it at level 89 and got some HUGE windfury crits (ie: 246k) and that was with straight quest greens. Will do extensive tests when PvP weapons are released but for PvE it's garbage for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by liveinfamously View Post
    It's not completely awful. I dabbled in it at level 89 and got some HUGE windfury crits (ie: 246k) and that was with straight quest greens. Will do extensive tests when PvP weapons are released but for PvE it's garbage for sure.
    You shouldve just wrote "Its garbage" and left it at that.

    Everytime one of these threads pops up there is someone that umms and ahhhs about how good it is and throws in the WFLOLOLOL damage and the...lets say less educated shaman, latches onto that hope and we go around the 2h thread circle again.

    We need to stomp this idea out. Its dead, its never comming back.

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    Enhancement shaman get a lot of mileage out of their off-hand weapon. Stormstrike hits harder, Lava Lash is usable, passives (i.e., Maelstrom Weapon) proc more often, and all spell damage is is increased by 7%, among other things. 2H enhancement is not viable for PvE.

    The only reasons I can conceive of that an enhancement shaman would wield a 2H is for a "who can land the biggest crit" competition, or for laughs while doing easy content. A 2H has a very slim chance to do more burst damage in a PvP situation than MH+OH, but only in a very limited timespan (a few seconds), and it depends on Windfury 1) proccing and 2) critting.
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    Back then in TBC, in 2s i used lot of 2hand < - > dw swapping, a 2hand wf proc on resto druids in human form did wonders. Plus i'm a nubcake oldschool shaman, i still has my macro to swap between 2hand and dw, its lot of fun on cloth in bgs

    And ofc, High Warlord Battle Axe looks frickin amazing.
    Time is on our side
    Brutal Gladiator Enhancement Shaman *rawr*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murderdoll View Post
    We need to stomp this idea out. Its dead, its never comming back.
    Pretty much this. It's fun to see big WF's once in a blue moon, but thats all it is, a bit of fun, its not viable, and personally I hope it stays that way. If you wanna use a 2h, play a Str user.
    Raining Pandarens because of the bouncy racial?
    Quote Originally Posted by rokatoro View Post
    Some Might say it was... (•_•).....( •_•)>⌐■-■....(⌐■_■) A heavy Rain.
    I'm so sorry ;_;

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    Was fun some half a decade ago, but it is just not coming back.

    Seems Blizz is fine with DKs, Warriors and Monks being free to use different weapon types/comboes for a single spec - but Enha being viable with both DW and 2H is completely out of the question >.>

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    Pains me to see these posts but it's also annoying how people just blindly yell 2hander is terrible in every way.
    It depends a lot on the situation and your playstyle.
    I've been using 2handers in pvp for the past 5 years and there's a couple things people seem to forget.

    In pvp it takes a while to get your 5searing stacks, you get kited around or your totem get's destroyed.
    This makes lavalash a lot less bursty in pvp compared to pve.

    Let's say it this way, you're being kited around and finally reach your target, what do you prefer?
    2handed stormstrike or DW Lavalash, odds are you don't even have your 5 stack.

    Besides that it takes DW 2 globals to outperform a 2h, stormstrike+lavalash.
    1 less global in your burst means you have more time for your totems.

    Oh and a funny fact, people underestimate you when they see you charging in with a 2hander, often they won't go allin right away.
    Also don't forget you generate maelstrom faster the slower your weapon is so that part of a 2hander ain't worse.

    Imo 2h is a lot of fun in normal bg's and duels but ofc in arenas or raids DW is the way to go.

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