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    9/10. Raids are harder than expected, 5 mans are easy like Wrath so I can finish them quickly, and Challenge modes are brutal and unforgiving. I dont touch scenarios because the story can go to hell, also quests are dumb, and the daily grind is a bit tough when looking at 5 other alts I want to level and gear but they are being shelved until serious work goes into fixing what is broken currently on the leveling / grind scheme.

    I do like that I can finally level my cooking to max, get all the mats I need for my own food and not have to spend a fortune on the AH or pay an idiot to farm it for me.

    I didn't even want to get Pandaria, but it is very good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mokenuf View Post
    They broke reputations and JC and VP usage, other than that the game is superb.
    This, I dont want to be forced to do dailies to grind rep, its slow and I find most of them really unimaginative.
    JP is useful for all of 1 week, VP has kind of been fixed with the lower rep needed and I think the gain from heroics is too low.

    However aside from that, couldnt ask for a better expansion so far, first raid on monday so will have a view of raids then :P

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    pvp balance is the worst ive ever seen it.

    that aside everyhting else is great. but if pvp doesnt get fixed im gone.

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    Best expansion by far, like 3 billion light years

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    thing i've really liked about it is the questing. Really easy transitioning from zone to zone instead of having to port all over the place. Cata just had a poor story to it and really nothing major happened except for a few zone changes because of the "Cataclysm." Looking forward to seeing how the pve content progresses through this expac although i think that the 5mans were a bit way too easy.

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    I really enjoy it, very well done & plenty of content just in the leveling process alone. The only complaint I have is the XP required to get to 90, however, seeing as the amount of content that was delivered, it's a minor complaint. Grant it, this is SO FAR, as endgame content is barely made available, there definitely is plenty to do in the game. 8.5/10

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    I am playing since vanilla, and I have never have had so much fucking shit to do in an expansion, and I havent even started doing pet battles and scenarios.............. 9/10 in my book

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodroy323 View Post
    I really enjoy it, very well done & plenty of content just in the leveling process alone. The only complaint I have is the XP required to get to 90, however, seeing as the amount of content that was delivered, it's a minor complaint. Grant it, this is SO FAR, as endgame content is barely made available, there definitely is plenty to do in the game. 8.5/10
    well im lvl 88 half way to 89 and ive only done 2 zones so far. im in karasang wilds now and ive only done 2 dungeons. if you do all the quests and dungeons along the way you should get to 90 way before you finish all the zones
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    I am loving it. But I've been so busy leveling my Pandaren Rogue, I haven't gotten 1 of my many 85's to 90. Which will suck when it's time for 5.1 dungeons and I hit the gear wall. :/

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    It's the WoW I used to enjoy.

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    3/10 after 5 days only reason to log on is dailies. ridiculously pointless scenarios, doing 1 was enough. 5 heroics was enough, what a joke. farm to make consumable when you can buy a stack of consumables for 5g. pet system that didn't do much, but making pets worthless. alts professions are already up from the sick amount of ghost ore and cloth, with loads of gems and cloth spare. drowning in enchanting mats, even have a couple stacks of herbs and yet to play any herbalists in pandaria. not only will panda goods be worthless in short time (it already pretty much is), but it even managed to kill wotlk and cata gear values with the new severely game breaking lvl 80-85 gear. yet moonwell chalice still > a trinket 100 ilvls above, the archaeology mastery/quilien summon trinket.
    first couple days was nice when rares was somewhat a challenge, even normal mobs had nice hp pools. the world seemed a lot larger from the ground, flying around doing dailies makes it feel like this could have been a patch like molten front. there is not really much more to it that's worthy of note. worst talent change that could ever happen. weapon change made the game just so incredibly much more boring. dont even have words for shaman totems, quite self-explanatory. at least one would think.
    you probably dont agree, but I dont have a reason to log on. dailies just dont cut it and doubt il bother to finish anything, but the loremaster thats already done with minimum effort. where is the pvp zone? did they fail to notice the best thing with both cata and wotlk was wintergrasp and lol barad, despite the omg tenacity stuff, that they ended up making the worst solution ever to. are they really calling it cooking and fishing dailies? im fishing and cooking more for OTCS. i should be exalted with nat pagle already, but he have obviously forgotten the menace many of us went through to max fishing back in the days, and many more quests after that time to.
    asking me to farm for little boxes with apples and stuff around the world with 10000 others who can be looting it to, is like rolling for a world drop against whole server.
    to me pandaria is like a wow-panda movie. you watch it for a small week, then there is nothing more to it.
    the time to make classic, tbc and wotlk servers are now. i see no need to pay subscription just to keep stuff on ah that already sell very poorly due to inflation.
    if talents, pets and the market was not completely ruined, i would settle with ignoring panda and stick to older content. honestly, only way i managed to even try out pandaria, was to completely ignore the talent system and try not to think of the pets. arguing with people why my hunter need expertice looking at uneducated kids who do not even know what alt f4 is or only 5 sentances on trade in 2 hours are all the same question: where are the pvp vendor????. having even my guild asking me to buy pvp gear to enter hc.
    zero pleasure from wow anymore.

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    Questing is better, but I'm pretty burnt out so the last level or two wasn't great.
    Only tried the TOK? BG. Pretty fun. It was a nice change, but people need to grab the flag ~_~.
    Heroics are okay, nothing special. It's fun now cause of the new/fresh feeling.
    Pet battles are fun and kinda addicting.

    I haven't tried out the other stuff yet because of school work, but once I get that done I'll be playing again =P.

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    Questing and the whole leveling experience is better than expected. Most 5man normals and heroics are boring, undertuned. All 5man challenge modes are fun, and feel almost too hard for me. Professions (at least, Tailoring and Enchanting) feel short and empty. Everything takes longer. The pet battle system ("Pokemon") is surprisingly fun; it has better mechanics, but less depth than the source game. The farming system ("Harvest Moon") is - even more surprisingly - also fun.

    I cannot speak on PvP or Raids, have not tried either yet.

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    well id give it a 8-9/10. Got me off Diablo for a while now (its my fetish game!).

    Well heres why,

    -Dailies, different from the usual ''kill X mobs, gather X objects''. Yes there is still these kind of quests but if you take the tillers for example, its a fun concept to be able and grow a garden. The lorewalkers, yeah its doesnt take that long to get exalted but hey its far opposite of the usual quest grinding. Oh yeah you arent limited to 25 dailies for people that loves it.

    -Dungeons, New dungeons to explore. Tho, i cant say its difficult compared to early cata which is a little sad.... i like being ACTUALLY able to run oom on my healer. On my prot warrior, as soon as i did hit 90, i Qed for a heroic right off (i had the ilvl for it and yeah... its easy enough, i could tank every damn mobs without a single CC)

    -Quests/Cinematics, stories were ok. the epic cinematics are awesome.

    -World bosses, Yeah who doesnt love them XD

    -Raids, N/A. Did not raid yet

    -Pet Battles, Probably one of my favorite feature. Well i've never been a fan of ''pokemon'' battles but damn im having tons of fun with them battle pets. Find a good combo, learn the str/weakness of your current pets, play with pet swapping and all those strats. id give battle pets a 10/10.


    -PvP, well played few game of ''Hold the bawls'' and ''moving AB''. IDC if they are ripoff of other games, every other MMORPGS are most likely WoW-like. But yeah, i had fun in them even tho most games were pretty fail for our faction. Love the fact that we have the same talent choices w/e your spec is.

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    4/10 so far, questing is boring, dugneons/heroics are too easy, challenge modes is ok but not too hard.

    PvP is so unbalanced it's not even funny.

    Damage in PvE seems like there's a good balance between specs though.

    And knowing blizzard, even if the game is piss easy, they'll probably nerf it for whatever stupid reason they can think of.

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    Loving it so far. So many cool things to do, and it all looks stunning.

    My only gripes so far would be Dread Wastes questing which is grindy and awkward (weird because all the zones are so good, it's like the guy who designed DW hadn't made a zone since Vanilla or something), and the amount of VP you get for pretty much everything seems too low. I get that they want you to not just spam heroics for one day and then have nothing to do but... sheesh. It's fine for a week or two but will I be maxing out VP on even one character in 3+ weeks? Probably not, too grindy.

    Also I think they should've opened up 1-2 more dungeons for sub-90. Four dungeons from 85-90 is a bit boring. And I know they wanted to make Heroics more accessible and the hard stuff goes into Challenge Modes, but I think they overdid it a bit. It should be possible to wipe in a Heroic! Especially on launch week when everyone's in terrible gear, imagine how faceroll they'll be once they're all overgeared.

    But aside from that, awesome. Especially scenarios, pet battles, farming... actually another complaint: there's so many awesome items in MoP that I am crazy out of bag space and I haven't even gotten a PVP set together yet! Moar space!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by skatblast View Post
    i give it a 7. Better than i expected to be honest. But i guess like everybody else that plays wow i dont expect a second coming of TBC.
    If they made the game like TBC was I think I'd quit lol. I'm sure it was revolutionary in its time but by modern standards, ew.

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    BC: 6/10, yes didn't enjoy it that much, because I could never go into raiding (no time > new job) and beside raiding and farming rep there was just nothing to do. Even heroics where hard to come by, because WHEN you had a group (remember those stupid keys everone needed?!), some ppl just leaved when there was a wipe ... Did mostly pvp because of that (and quitted like 4 months before wotlk)

    WotLK 8-10/10: PVE OK, Raids were really nice (all of them, even naxx) - personally I really enjoyed the ToC Raid on normal and heroic (pugged mostly) - the pvp battle was niiiccceee, Landscape was beautiful, Quests etc. really fitting, epic storyline, good content speed (last raid after icc was my personal favorit, because you actually NEEDED some skill for that - running AND doing something else like dps or heal! Oh how many wipes there were

    Cata 4/10: It wasn't a complete failure - but I really didn't like the xpac in most aspects. I really enjoyed the old, renewed world - as an altoholic, it was just nicely done, the questflow now is imba and the quests itself are very good. (Horde Q where you have to give out quests to other npc ... never laughed so hard in my life)
    For the rest - well, lfg/lfr are good additions, pvp was ok, heroics could wipe you easily (in lfg at least) even with ds out - those were a bit too hard for randoms ..., had some of the best raid encounters ever (in terms of difficulty) BUT it didn't feel right. The zones were splitted too much, there was simply no "adventure" feeling to the xpac. The only zone I really enjoyed was vashir. And you could have made sooo much out of that zone. And for the "last boss" - there was just no epic feeling. They didn't manage to make deathchin a second arthas - when I stood before the lk the first time, it was an epic feeling. When I stood in front (or better said on his back) of deathwing ... well, yeah, could care less. The old world revamp took his toll at the end content and new zones, and you could feel it.

    MOP so far 8-10/10: I'm not even 90 yet, there's just soooo much to do. Pet battles, farming, professions, alts, SIGHTSEEING. In terms of graphics, details etc. it is the most impressive xpac so far. Remember that feeling, when you walked trough the bc portal the first time into a new world with a fucking boss in front of you? Right, same feeling for mop (at least for me). The Buildings (the Wall, temples etc.) are sooo detailed and freaking huge ...

    So far, I never had so much fun playing an xpac like now. If you don't rush to 90 and take your time to read the quests etc. - just nice. First time I really felt with the game - we invaded pandaria, brought the sha back, all hell breaks loose, because of us the jade serpent gets destroyed... was so moved when I sat on the jade serpent flying over the sha destroyed area.

    But I think the most important part is - try to enjoy the xpac and take your time. If you rushed your char to 90, then do a new one (most of us have alts right?) and now, take your time. Do the quests, go with the flow.
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    i dont know how people can say questing is boring, or atleast anywhere near as boring as cata and wrath quests.

    i mean are you playing with sounds off or something? theres tons more voice acting everywhere and tons of little cinematics that really show off the story at important moments and pretty much all the characters and races are well written and have personality there alot less linear so if you want you can skip things but theyve put in really great rewards if you actually finish a questline and theres tons of fun little vanity items and what i like to call "dungeon preview" quests where you kind of go inside it on your own and check out what its like.

    i mean sure at the end of the day its still questing but theres no way anyone in there right mind could say it isnt vastly improved. maybe some of you are just burnt out
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    Overall 9/10.
    Questing was fun, great story line and mostly fun quests.
    Haven't tried PvP, ignoring that part.
    Haven't tested HC raids yet, though HC instances are far more better in terms of difficulty what it were in Cataclysm. No need to spend an hour in one instance anymore.
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    I'm loving all of it, even the dailies (somehow). The raids are hard, the dungeons are easy, the content is engaging, and the scenery is beautiful. I love it.

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