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    7/10...only because they are trying to fix the bs daily and rep situation. I am honestly surprised. Some classes do too much damage in PvP already, and I haven't done raids yet. The heroics are easy but fun...which is better than challenging and boring.

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    So far, an eight. It's not perfect and there are some things I wish they'd change but overall I am having a lot of fun and I am really pleased.
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    the new content is good (because it's new?) till you reach 90 then its just a grindfest of boring shit over and over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dranx View Post
    I was checking out this site out of boredom and saw this thread and said to myself "What the hell. Most of my friends are talking about it so might as well see how it is." I came out of hiding to post this.

    To the people who are saying its better than Cata ever was, you are insane. At Cata release, you guys were saying how it was better than WotLK, best WoW expac ever. Now Cata sucks, and MoP is the new crown?

    Typical WoW community. Never gets old.
    Cata wasn't "that" bad in the beginning although I had many reasons why I never cared for it. it just got progressively worse as time went on. Why do you think so many people quit? Yes, other games came out, yes people left because they were burnt out, but the majority of the people quit because Cata just wasn't very good. Take into account that once you got to 85 there wasn't much of anything to do and you can see why so many people left. Blizzard spent such a huge amount of time revamping 1-60 that 85 and the content felt very lacking. Mists changed that though. Blizzard was able to spent all their time on 85-90 content and it really shows. The look, feel and atmosphere is extraordinary. There are a ton of dailies, there's challenge modes, dungeons, pet battles when you're truly bored etc. It might not have that "epic" feeling of BC, but damn did they ever pour their heart and soul into this expansion. I tip my hat to everyone who worked on this game. They did an AMAZING job.

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    So far it's some of the most beautiful scenery and landscapes I've seen in the game. It's also the most boring quests and leveling experience I've ever had. I re-rolled a Pandaren monk and shot him to 85 in a few days time, and I'm taking the mindnumbingly slow and tedious grind to 90 now.

    I really like the mini games they've added in, pet battles, farmville, quest mini games, etc, but I think they should have done a lot more to make the leveling and questing experience to be more than "go kill a dozen of X to gather Y items". And to make the quest item drops uncommon at best is so damned annoying. It's confusing that everything else in game is so much more fun than actually playing the story.
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    Questing is 'meh' imho, just more of the same. No real problem with that but its not something I can bother doing for more than a few hours so I'm still early into the expac.

    PvP queue hasn't come up for hours at a time while playing. I haven't gotten in once in all the hours I've played so far. Thought it was a bug and asked a GM about it in a ticket but they said there weren't any problems.

    The stereotypical Asian voice acting is annoying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HBpapa View Post
    The stereotypical Asian voice acting is annoying.
    Dear god is it ever. I'm okay with the asian theme but it's a bit to much at times.

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    I really hate that i got to do this stupid heavy grinding on all my alts if i want to gear them.
    To farm up to revered with 1 faction, to then first get to farm reputation with a new one, when it takes 1month to get revered in the first place with the Golden Lotus, for then 1 more month to get revered with Shado-pan, and no idea when i get rep with the Augustine.
    Raids are out, bosses on normal are easy on farm now, so dont know why they make the grinding this long when we can get better gear in less then 2 weeks now.

    (PS: Sorry for the bad grammar / no grammar at all.)

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    It's a typical wow expansion.


    7/10 from me.
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    By fiber be purged

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    Quote Originally Posted by fizzbob View Post
    the second coming of BC wouldn't sell. if you think i'm wrong, find you a bc server and go play it and realize how crude it feels compared to today, how much easier it is now that even bads are more experienced with the genre and how boss mechanics aren't new and exciting.

    vanilla and bc were hard mostly because everyone was fucking awful
    Kaelthas, Vashj, Archimonde, Illidan and Sunwell say "Hi". Those were very good fights and sunwell was a blast- even the trash in sunwell was a blast....would of been nice if there was a little LESS of it though, heh. If I remember right it took somewhere between 30-45 minutes just to get to the first boss. Oh and RoS in BT was unique aswell and fun. There are PLENTY if not MORE players today who would fail at that content imo and there is nothing bland about those fights either.
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    Only people who actually touched all content should judge really, I haven't cleared any raid myself so I'l wait before I judge.

    Edit: I'm not claiming here raiding is the only content, I am simply stating that it is a part of it...wich I haven't touched all to much.
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    I can't say much since I'm not max level yet, but so far I'm loving it. Only cons I've really come across are occasionally choppy cinematics and grindy quests.
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    I dont like it overall, that is my honest opinion. Questing okay, but I can already tell that I will not like the raiding, and the pvp is even more imbalanced than last season

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashybawls View Post
    the new content is good (because it's new?) till you reach 90 then its just a grindfest of boring shit over and over.
    So like ALL the other expansions? YOu reached max level you raid and do dailies and/or achievements.

    At least hey added Challenge Dungeons, Loads of mounts to obtain. The pet minigame. There is so so SO many things to do in this expansion compared to all of the ones that predate it.

    If you find the game boring, why not do like a normal person and stop playing it?
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    Im really liking this one, alot. Ive loved every expansion except cata, i quit for the first 2 teirs of cata.
    "BC was a hot chick that took alot of work but was rewarding in the end, Cata is the drunk chick that supplied similar results with less effort." -couldnt have said it better.

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    Give up trying to understand her, women tend to handle problems with emotion rather than logic.

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    PVP Balance: just awful, not even close to decent
    PVE Balance: pretty okay, but not great
    PVE Difficulty: compared to WOTLK Difficulty (1 being way easier, 10 being way harder, 5 being about the same) havent tried raiding myself. but heroics are a joke
    Story Depth (With 1 being boring and 10 being interesting, and gripping) (Does the PVE content relate to, and bolster the story line?): 5, average.. the story got kinda old after the first few zones

    overall not that impressed with mop, but i didnt have that high expectations after cata

    edit: the voice acting is terrible, especially the female pandaren is pissing me off. but then again, wow always had mediocre voice acting at best but so does all mmos
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    The visuals and zones are beautiful. As is the music. The story is ok - better than Cata but not as good as BC or Wrath. Cut scenes are nice. The only dissappointment is questing - more of the same old same old. I havent raided yet (or PvP'd) so i cant comment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buxton McGraff View Post
    I know a lot of people will overhype a game that they like and that they want to do well. I don't want anybody to lie, I don't want anybody to exaggerate, and I don't want anybody to troll. I just want your 100% honest opinion on how MoP is so far. Please rate the following categories on a scale of 1/10. 1 being worst, and 10 being best.
    PVP Balance
    PVE Balance
    PVE Difficulty compared to WOTLK Difficulty (1 being way easier, 10 being way harder, 5 being about the same)
    Story Depth (With 1 being boring and 10 being interesting, and gripping) (Does the PVE content relate to, and bolster the story line?)
    PvP Balance: Too early to tell w/o max gear. But if you are referring to Gear vs Skill, it is looking to be 100% gear > skill.
    PvE Balance: Too early to tell w/o raid gear. But mostly its ok, except Rogues kinda get the shaft a bit and are running behind the pack as usual.
    PvE Difficulty: Think WotLK and make it easier than that. Then nerf it again and you just might have a harder version of MoP.
    Story: Story is cool but you are left confused at who the antagonist really is and what direction the game is going. Its probably the most empty and hollow in soul out of all the expansions.

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    I will have to reserve final judgment until I see the raids.

    But from what I have seen so far, I'd give the leveling experience a 9 and the lv 90 content a 7. I was a fan of heroic difficulties at the beginning of cata -- so take that for what you will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eggoman View Post
    Then nerf it again and you just might have a harder version of MoP.
    I am honestly considering running a "heroic" with my face on the keyboard. I am literally gonna attempt to faceroll the dungeon. My suspicion is we will be victorious.

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