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    WoW Lore Help

    I am knew to the lore of WoW and want to get into it a serious about it. So whats the best way to do that and where should I start. The only lore I really know is the arthus story line from his birth to death and I love every second of it. So yea where should I start.

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    yea but that too much to take in at once

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    Don't use this site, it's outdated and replaced.
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    They will be back up to 12m+ subs when legion hits, and wont fall below 10m for the duration of the expansion.
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    I think the best way is to play the old Warcraft games, but there is so much behind the game that you have to read the lore on Wowpedia to get it all right.

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    I agree with playing through the older games, and would also suggest reading the books (some of them are terribly written, but they all contain a lot of the lore). Beyond that wowpedia as linked above is good for a very accessible intro and you can spend ages clicking around there.

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    Play through the games in order, WCI,WCII,WCIII, TFT etc. Read the lore books, go onto wowpedia and just look up random things and read.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phillipisawarlock View Post
    Don't use this site, it's outdated and replaced.
    I also recommend, and play the older games... but maybe some of them will look really bad so at least i will recommend you to play Warcraft 3
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    Quote Originally Posted by phillipisawarlock View Post
    Don't use this site, it's outdated and replaced.
    ah my bad, got the two mixed up

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    RIP wowwiki :<

    but seriously if you want to know about the lore, theres no real easy way. Theres so many converging major stories and events.

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    Play the WarCraft games

    (WarCraft 1-3), if you cant, just play WarCraft 3 atleast, both expacs, prety important.


    and read the WoW Books , read WoW quests, roleplay with other dudes, ask other dudes for information, etc etc. You'll be good in no time.
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    There's a storyline in the wow official forum, that goes from the creation of Azeroth to the end of WC3 TFT, if I'm not mistaken. It's a bit hard to find though, I only knew to get to it on the former site layout.

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    Just play wc3 and it's expansion. The earlier games aren't going to help you as the "plotlines" in those games were nothing like the retconned & added stuff that was attached to them later on after wow was released.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrDudeSaysHi View Post
    yea but that too much to take in at once
    Thus is the problem with worlds like the one Blizzard has created... there's a lot of lore.

    I'd recommend going onto the site anyway and clicking the random article button. Skim through whatever you find if it's related to lore, and just click on links that might be interesting.

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