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    Can't decide which to boost...

    So I want to get back into healing. Haven't healed or played a healer since WOTLK, and never PVP'd on a healer before. I main'd a priest in WOTLK, but never PVP'd much. I have two classes that Im stuck deciding on but I can't make up my mind!!! I'm thinking either a Holy priest or a Holy Paladin. I seem to enjoy the playstyle of both, but I heard Hpala is really lacking this patch. Although, this patch is not a huge concern for me since 6.0 will be dropping somewhat soon. How do H/Disc priest and Holy Paladins look for the future and for right now? Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hello! Thank you for your interest in our super awesome and super fun class!

    We do not allow "Which class should I play?" threads, or anything along those lines. Instead we ask that you make an educated decision based off of the existing threads we have! There is plenty of info to be had in the various threads on our forums, feel free to jump into one and get a feel!
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