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    Elemental Blast

    I just dinged 90 and this seems like a nice addition to the rotation with a small buff to keep you going.

    The animation is also pretty neat and the fact that it is 3 schools of magic is awesome.

    Good stuff.

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    It's looks like a paint cannon to me
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    PvP point of view.

    If you get interupted while casting Blast, you get all schools locked out?

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    Totally agree
    Grym: I suspect so...
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    Also, alextrazsa has the spells Detect Pregnancy and Track Babies.

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    Dem elemental blast crits <3

    I love that spell :3
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grym View Post
    PvP point of view.

    If you get interupted while casting Blast, you get all schools locked out?
    yup all 3

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    Yup, love it as elemental, the animation rocks.

    I tried it as resto, it's nice in heroics but I found that in raids there's way too many things to track as it is, plus I don't find that much time to keep the buff up. =/
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