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    MW in need of help, logs

    Hey all

    Looking for advice I could give to our MW, any advice what he's doing wrong and what he needs to improve, his healing just doesn't seem to be there...




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    One thing I'm seeing is why does it say he casted chi burst 72 times? that doesn't make any sense since it's on a 30 second CD. One thing I would advise him to do is use uplift more frequently, it says that it was only cast 7 times during the entire fight which isn't nearly enough. Also it says he only casted expel harm twice when he should be using it whenever its off CD.
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    Well that druid is about 20 item levels higher than the monk, and this is normal mode... So chances are the druid is sniping a LOT of potential healing from the other two healers.

    That being said, your monk is doing some things very, very wrong.

    As Stealth said, he only cast Uplift 7 times. That's... absurd. It seems to be consistent across all of the attempts in that log, though. He's not using Uplift nearly enough on any fight.

    He also has an atrocious amount of Multistrike, ~7%. He should be closer to 12-15%, if not even higher, with his item level. Honestly anything more than he has now will help him out.

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    He looks like he's still gearing with the stat priority we had in MoP, he has a lot of crit and haste.

    It might be worth directing him to the WoD Mistweaver guide that Monkioh wrote, he could learn a LOT from there.

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    My ressource "Chi" for Ko'ragh:

    His ressource "Chi" for Ko'ragh:

    It's not about itemization imho, this is rather fine. I assume he has no access to higher/crafted gear. In general it's better for a mistweaver to go with the "higher ilvl" than "crit/ms". He just doesn't understand the value of Uplift for a mistweaver. During the whole bloodlust-period, where he's not spending ANY chi, he still gained 15 (!) chi - completely wasted! Mistweaver is about gaining and spending chi "as quickly as possible" (while this is not true in general, it might be a principle for him to improve). On a fight like Ko'ragh, where you have more or less consistent damage incoming, Uplift is a great tool to keep steady heals on the raid.

    - Chi Burst counts the targets that got hit, so 72 hits is fine, it's not 72 casts
    - use EH more often
    - RJW and Chi Torpedo are both not really strong on Ko'ragh, as the raid is usually too spreaded (depends on the tactic tho) - you can use Xuen here
    - he could try Ascension to help with his "chi-stacking" problem and for a smoother mana regeneration
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