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    Haste>Mastery im confused by my simcraft results

    ok just a roundup off some numbers etc.

    110 draenei Monk ilvl 836 (no 3rd relicslot cause toon)

    crit: 4662 (28%)

    haste: 1895 (6%)

    Mastery: 5750 (31%)

    Versatility: 5005 (13%)

    talentspec: 2/2/3/3/1/3/2

    Agility=7.69, Ap=7.31, CritRating=3.88, HasteRating=4.41, MasteryRating=4.35, Versatility=3.89, Dps=2.55

    this is the stat weight my simcraft shows me.

    i know my mastery is on the lower end but i only got to do 1 mythic id with this toon.

    im reading alot on walking the wind etc. and everywhere i go haste always sims the lowest and makes logically sense to be lowest priority.
    so why am i gettting this result from Simcraft? can i trust this sim?

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    My sim's also say something very similar to yours. Though I have almost the same stats as you apart from I have 9300 mastery. It is now saying that haste is my top stat. For now I'm going to ignore it as I find that my haste level where it is 7% gives me plenty of energy to rip some solid dps.

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    For a long time SimC has overvalued haste for monks, because in the real world you might have to handle mechanics and may end up energy capping at which point haste loses all value since if you are handling a mechanic out of melee range you aren't even benefiting from the attack speed. I usually adjust for this when I receive my stat weights. If they ever fix it I'll probably end up severely under hasted, but the amount of AA damage that haste gives you is iirc pretty low.

    There is a bit of an interaction with Transfer the Power that might affect this since every bok/rsk adds to your next FoF, so if you didn't have enough haste to keep kicking you might end up with less stacks, but I'm not sure haste generates enough energy to make a huge stack difference.

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    Maybe it is caused by diminishing returns...
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    What settings are you simming on? If you can copy/paste your info via the SimC addon in game I could run it for you to verify.

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    There's a REALLy good and in depth post on this on walking the wind.


    I recommend reading into this.

    Tldr : the reason simcrafts might tell you haste is so good is because in the maths it did, that amount of haste allowed one more spell during important Cds phase or something similar to it.
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    well how the hell do i get trustworthy statweights then? if simc is goofin around

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    Make sure that you include bloodlust in fights. You want to gear towards Raids not mythics. Including bloodlust will lower the haste value.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melandra View Post
    well how the hell do i get trustworthy statweights then? if simc is goofin around
    Its not goofing around, you're just misunderstanding the results its giving you. I recommend reading the WtW article that Noocta posted for a better understanding.
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