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    Storm earth and fire

    So wasnt this ability why WW monk dmg was gutted in pvp?
    why is it that according to http://www.simulationcraft.org/repor..._T17N_AOE.html (I know its experimental n all that, but its still a rogue estimate)
    we got nerfed single target to be below brewmasters on 4 target Sustained dps?

    cant blizzard just make SeF 1 clone only and gut its dmg so we dont have to be balanced around such a niche ability ?

    I just wanna be viable in arena /sob

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    I seem to remember SEF being fine in 5.4. I would say; SEF in combination with WoD changes to FoF and ChiEx, where FoF now does 100% primary target damage + cleave instead of split damage. Thereby, you are now getting a double dipping effect from SEF.

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    Storm, Earth, and Fire is still a work in progress in SimC right now. Most of the funcitonality is in, but it's currently a little too "spammy" right now. Because of that we have not turned on the function yet. Once Reia/Navv and I can get all the kinks worked out, we will turn on the feature for AoE situations. But right now the only things that really do any AoE in SimC that affect that page's results are the abilites that do AoE damage such as Fists of Fury and Chi Explosion.
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