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    Name one good thing of each expansion

    DO IT!

    - BC: Flying mounts
    - Woltk: Uldaur
    - Cata: Transmog
    - MoP: Account wide achievements / Mounts

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    I will name only those I have played.

    • WotLK: Story
    • Cata: Questing
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    BC: Sunwell
    WotLK: DKs
    Cataclysm: RBGs
    MoP: Challenge modes

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    BC - Blood Elves

    Wrath - 4 tiers

    Cata - Transmog

    MoP - Monk
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    Been a fun run guys, but the game's officially moved into the "Milk the Playerbase" phase. And I for one don't intend to stick around as the cost of expansions go up, content in them goes down, and raids become further and further apart.
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    TBC: Flying Mounts
    Wrath: DKs
    Cata: LFR
    MoP: Questing
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    - BC: Flying mounts
    - Woltk: Barber Shop
    - Cata: Transmog
    - MoP: Pet Battles

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    MoP-not being cata

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    BC: Logical dungeon/raid progression.

    WotLK: Ulduar.

    Cata: Initial heroic 5-mans.

    MoP: Pandaria's landscapes.

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    Transmog is amazing, but I cannot bring myself to praise Blizzard for it. It was enormously overdue, and a simple uninspired copy paste feature other games shipped with YEARS ago, not to mention the stupid restrictions and god damn enchants ruining the vast majority of weapon skins.

    BC: Belf art/culture/feel

    Wrath: Raids

    Cata: t11

    MoP: t14?
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    - BC: Outland and some amazing sights.
    - WotLK: The Lich King fight
    - Cata: 1-60 Revamp & LFR
    - MoP: So far, just about everything.
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    TBC - The 2.4 server unlockable quest hub, in the Isle of Quel'danas;
    WotLK - Ulduar Hard modes, seamless, in game and not in the UI;
    Cata - the Transmog feature;
    MoP - The cooking specializations.

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    TBC- PvP balance was the best it's ever been. It wasn't perfect by any means, but fights in arenas were decided on who had the quickest and most decisive actions/counteractions, and healers were no where near as prominent.

    WotLK- The story was great. This was the first expansion where it felt they really worked out a flowing, cohesive story.

    Cataclysm- The old world redux.

    MoP- Almost everything outside PvP so far.

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    BC- Nagrand (best safari zone on the planet)
    WoTLK- Lich King (one of the most atmospheric fights in WoW so far)
    Cata- Transmog, transmog, transmog and LFR
    MOP- Gotta see how it plays out honestly. But I was disappointed with the questing after Jade Forest.

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    BC: Karazhan
    WotLK: Story
    Cata: Pvp
    MoP: armors

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    - BC: Proper raid progress ladder.
    - Woltk: Ulduar
    - Cata: Ragnaros Heroic, 50 kills still love the fight.
    - MoP: Account wide achievements / Mounts!

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    BC: Challenging heroics
    WOTLK: Ulduar and questing 70-80
    Cata: duno, pvp was pretty fun I guess
    MoP: Questing, the visual aesthetics of Pandaria.

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    BC: Flying Mounts
    WOTLK: Achievements
    Cata: Redoing Old Zones
    MoP: Pet Battles, BoA Mounts

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    WOTLK: Story and the epicness of Northrend
    Cata: Redoing old world and Deathwing attacking random zones
    MoP:....Everything so far
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    BC - Awesome raid zones.
    WOTLK - achievements
    Cata - Nothing
    MOP - To early to tell

    I dont consider Transmog a cata feature it was a WOW feature not something that came with a expansion.
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    World of Warcraft: The continued story of Warcraft.
    The Burning Crusade: Two different instance modes, normal and heroics
    Wrath of the Lich King: The mechanics in Ulduar before nerfs.
    Cataclysm: Revamped world, still miss the old zones.
    Mists of Pandaria: Not sure yet.

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