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    To this day I mimc hanging myself and slashing my wrists when I hear a Leonard Cohen song. Suzanne in particular. Is far too depressing for me to bother looking for a link for you though and I'm actually in a relatively good mood today so don't wanna spoil it :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killer52431 View Post
    the original nine inch nails version is so much better
    If everything I do is wrong then by god ill do it right

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    Quote Originally Posted by Window View Post
    the original nine inch nails version is so much better
    Trent Reznor doesn't agree with you.

    Either way, both are amazing.

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    Can't believe no one has posted this song yet

    Absolutely chilling song, originally written as a suicide note to his fellow band mates 3 days before he passed.

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    "Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change."

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    I can think of 2 ... not linking ...

    Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton ... about his very young son dying in an accident

    Too Much Love Will Kill You - Queen ... Freddie Mercury singing about himself dying of AIDs

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    Lou Reed "perfect day"

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    I cant listen to it without a tear comming to my eye, and im male.

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    I am not one for country usually but this is my go to sad song.

    Also James Blunt "Goodbye My Love" is the most played song at funerals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnnypockets37 View Post
    Can't believe no one has posted this song yet

    Absolutely chilling song, originally written as a suicide note to his fellow band mates 3 days before he passed.
    Just to clear this up, this was in no way a suicide note, its true this is the last song they recorded before The Revs death, but it was not a suicide note. There are some ideas going around that it could have a been a suicide because the lyric book that came with the CD had some lyrics written in red (while the rest were black) which spelled out what could be construed as a suicide note.

    But I see absolutely no reason why one of the greatest drummers to ever pick up the sticks would commit suicide, He had friends and family, millions of fans and more money they he could possibly spend, and if you watch the "making of" videos he was genuinely happy in them. Also it was ruled an accidental death not a suicide, so yea, lets not talk bad about the dead.

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    edit: almost forgot this one
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    they played this at the irish sports bar i go to sometimes. rows of dudes just ballin in their beers and whiskey. good shit.

    also, bein from detroit, this is a big one...
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    While the song itself isn't really depressing the text is.

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    how could i forget this 1! Found this song the day my grandad was taken to hospital after a stroke and 2 brain haemorrhages

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    I guess tears in heaven by Eric Clapton. Since he is singing about his little three year old who fell out of his 50 story apartment. Hard song to listen to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malckeor View Post (When The Wild Wind Blows by Iron Maiden)

    It's a song about how the news would brainwash people during the Cold War into thinking that the apocalypse was coming. The part that gets me is that stuff like this actually happened.
    urgh, Why did you have to link this song? I get tears in my eyes by just thinking about how they blew my mind at Ullevi (Sweden) with this song.

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