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    Geosynchronous World Spinner/ Depleted-Kyparium Rocket

    Hi there

    Made the Geosynchronous World Spinner this morning, and have spammed trade channel for some hours, but barely getting any whispers (with a reasonable offer) was wondering if this is the case too on other realms?

    I myself reside on Twisting Nether EU, and haven't seen any competition yet, there's only me and another player who have made the Depleted-Kyparium Rocket

    Can it be that rockets no longer fascinates people?

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    Well first off the gnomish rocket does not look that cool comparied to the other one.

    Not a lot of people are goign to buy something where the mats are like 80kgold to begin with.

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    Mounts might not be what people spend their money on in the first month of the game. Especially mounts that are just "skins" and offer nothing compared to one of the 100-200 mounts they already own. At the moment you are competing with an ground mount, that can reforge.

    Also when creating something expensive be aware that the target audience is somewhat small. If someone does not want to buy the rocket its most likely due to the same reason you have not learned it yourself.

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    well the goblin rocket is actually really cool, almost makes me want to switch to goblin eng.

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    I'd much rather spend a large chunk of my gold on say, the new gold sink Mammoth with a portable reforger, than these new rockets. I will make one for myself eventually, but they just really aren't that special for me to go gunning for so early in the expac. And a relative few (compared to the whole population of WoW) have hundreds of thousands of gold lying around that they'd be willing to dump it on a rocket and still have a comfortable sum remaining.

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    Someone will want it, plenty of people with lots of money are mount collectors. Big ticket items can take a while to sell, but they all eventually do, it takes a bit of patience. List it, keep barking in trade (don't drive people crazy about it) and don't keep dropping your price because you're panicking about not being able to sell immediately (so many people do that), and keep an eye out for interest to buy. Stick with it, you'll find a buyer.

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