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    Quote Originally Posted by nachoman007 View Post
    I dont want an icecream pokemon, or a broom pokemon, or anything that very obviously contained no imagination to create.
    You mean like a Pokeball with eyes or an outright real animal being passed off as a Pokemon? (Pidgey, Seal, Horsee, Ekans.... all that good stuff.)
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    I voted for Pokemon since i have not seen enough of Digimon

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    The first 2 seasons of digimon were truly epic imo. I loved them. They didnt have the repetitive annoying characters that pokemon did. wargreymon was awesome.

    The show actually had a level of maturity and violence to it. Pokemon lost it after the first season the movie that had a good bid of the big charlizard guy i think the 3rd movie was ok. rest was garbage.
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    Digimon, it was a more serious show imo. I did love both shows, but Digimon's first 2 seasons were awesome.

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    wonder why so many people are overlooking Digimon Tamers? Have you not seen it?

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    Digimon was soooo much cooler than Pokemon. But the Pokemon games are just classic.
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    Overall Digimon is the best, but I did really enjoy the first Pokemon Tournament. I liked the fact that ash did not win the whole thing, and it showed you how he dealt with it, very mature.
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    Digimon a thousand times. I honestly don't like either show because both hinge on reused animation and stale monster attacks. If I remember correctly though, in Digimon they fought for the entire world instead of moving from town to town collecting badges while being harassed by a ragtag group of nincompoops. I turned on Pokemon today and was able to stand it for maybe 40 seconds.

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    Despite my ava/sig combo and my liking Arcanine and some other pokémon more than digimon, I had to go with Digimon as being the better show.

    My choice is heavily influenced by the (first?) Digimon movie. It showed a considerably darker and slightly more mature side to Digimon which I don't think Pokémon ever demonstrated. Got me much more invested, with the whole involuntarily evil twin thing. People being haunted by personal demons is always badass.

    And not forgetting to mention mutha fudgin' Garurumon!!

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    I loved the first Pokemon season. But every season after is yust a repeat of the same stuff.

    Didgimon had somewhat of a plot atleast even if it wasn't anny good and had lamer monsters it atleast tried to.

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    While I did watch Pokemon growing up as my saturday morning cartoons I also watched Digimon and Digimon was definitely the one I cared to watch more. I don't really remember how long I watched Pokemon but I always felt like they were repeating the same crap every season (I think I stopped around the beginning of the season that Ruby and Sapphire were based off of). I watched Digimon through Season 3 and imo it went 3>1>2 for me, though I preferred all of those seasons over pokemon.

    What Pokemon always had over Digimon were incredibly fun games and while I preferred Digimon over Pokemon on television (and movie, really enjoyed the season 1 section of the first movie) I've always thought that Pokemon would be a cooler universe to have realized over Digimon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheEaterofSouls View Post
    wonder why so many people are overlooking Digimon Tamers? Have you not seen it?
    I wonder myself, was honestly my favorite season. Friggin love Steve Blum
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    Digimon had a much better series. I watched it upto Wargreymon digivolution when I was a kid and it was awesome. The cast of kids then were alot better and it just felt cooler. Maybe I grew out of it by season 2.

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    I like both of the games but prefer pokemon. That said i think overall digimon was a better show. They've both had good and bad series though.
    Also loved digimon evolution .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eon Drache View Post
    Digimon Season 1 was my favorite. I loved the Myotismon and Etamon arcs. Tamers was good, but, if you ask me, was a bit more childish. To this day, I still remember seeing WarGreymon pissed off that MetalSeadramon killed Whamon with River of Power and then shredding MetalSeaDramon from the inside with Great Tornado.
    Thats the sort of shit i'm talking about lol, magnaangemon deleteing "Piedramon" was it ? The clown looking one.

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    Ahh there it is. Found it !!


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    I am a huge fanboy of the Digimon anime(s), so I prefer those. The problem with Pokemon is, as others have said, Ash. He's a moron, at least the morons in Digimon learn how to be awesome :P

    For games Pokemon >>>>>>>>>>>> Any other 'mon. Although Digimon have had a few good titles, too :P
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    Yeah, I have to go with the general 'Digimon for the Anime, Pokemon for the games' idea.

    Lol, Digimon's theme song has just popped into my head. Stupid catchy thing, it's going to be there all day now.


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    Digimon all the way, loved that series.. been excited for every new episode. (As mentioned before, the Pokemon Games rocked).

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    Loved Digimon more. Better music, deeper story, characters developed and grown. good for laughing, crying and action :3

    Pokemon the first season was good but i still prever Digimon over the first Pokemon season... the seasons afterwards where all the same so i dont mention them.

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    Digimon season 1 >>>>>>>>>>>> Pokémon season 1 and 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Pokémon any season beyond 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Digimon any season after 1

    Basically sums up my answer

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