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    Recent Forum Posts - Colours?


    something that has been bugging me, especially since the increase in GW2 posts in its relative sub-forum, is that because the game obviously has its similarities etc, I often see a thread pop up in the recent forum posts that i'd like to read, open in new tab, and boom, its a GW2 thread.

    I couldnt care less about GW2, I appreciate some people do want to know about it, but I for one don't.

    would it either be possible to have the different sub-forums have different colours when showing up in the recent forum posts feed.


    have a tick box selection page within your profile settings to either turn on or turn off what sub-forums you want included in your recent news posts.

    (i hope that all made sense)

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    See that Forum Filters button below the Recent forum posts box.... try clicking that.

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    well they implemented that one fast! ;op

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kipling View Post
    well they implemented that one fast! ;op
    Over a year ago IIRC
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