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    MSV Hunter Tips'n'Tricks


    I'm doing my first MSV raid first coming Wednesday, and I'm simply just wondering if any of you more experienced Hunters have gotten around to noticing any tips and tricks for the fights?
    My guild is at Elegon 25man, so the rest of the raiders have already cleared up, and I would like to be as best prepared I possibly can.

    Any pointers?

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    I just wrote a blurb about how I handled Will of the Emp in another thread that had a title about "Elegon and Will of the Emp".

    For Elegon - As others have mentioned in other threads there is a sweet spot on the very edge of the platform that lets you stand and get the buff and removes the buff when you jump. You can test it out without aggroing the boss.. .just get to the edge of the circle until you have the buff and then you might have to tap back a bit to get to the very edge where you have the buff still... then jump and the buff is gone. I got really good with finding the sweet spot, but others said it was easier just to step in and out - still something to try. Google "Kripparian Midwinter Elegon" and you'll find the video that shows how to do it.

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    BM PoV

    I have done upto 4 bosses on 10 man. but from my experience, here are some things you can look out for:

    General: try to stay behind bosses; expertise ftl.

    Stone guardians: You might want to use aspect of the fox sometimes as there is heavy movement on this fight depending on how much crap there is on the floor, or if you have jasper chains - getting chained to a melee or a healer who keeps jumping around can get annoying. On Normal, there is no tight enrage so you can focus on surviving and mobility.
    IMPORTANT: On the pull do not cleave/multishot on 2 guardians as you pet can aggro and get killed at the start

    Feng The accursed: disengage away when you have wildfire spark or the arcane debuff and use deterrence on the flame pulses or arcane acceleration if your healers are having a hard time.

    Garajal: For voodoo dolls, use deterrence if you have to, you can glyph it as well for damage reduction. Also, be careful not to use Lynx rush if a totem is nearby (especially for 10 man), the pet can sometimes leap onto it and damage it prematurely. same applies to glaive toss so watch your positioning.
    If you are going in, look for lower hp mobs first which you can kill off with kill shot (keeping nameplates enabled will help anyone here)

    Spirit kings: Thrill of the hunt is a useful talent here for killing off arrows, orbs and aoeing in the mindcontrol phase. On orbs, always try and help your team mates by slowing it with a concussive shot and be ready to disengage when it fixates on you.. With the no minimum range you can hug bosses to keep some damage at a minimum; this is important for example for subetai, as you can quickly get away from a volley or at least the second one. You may be asked to use silencing shot for meng, as interrupts for all classes now have longer cooldowns.

    Thats all i can elaborate on for now. Hope it helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ttak82 View Post
    General: try to stay behind bosses; expertise ftl.
    Just an FYI, dodge chance on bosses is the same from front and back- it's only parries that increase from the front (I'm informed this is different in PvP). Hunter shots can't be parried, only dodged.

    That being said, you can be blocked from the front so it's still better to be behind bosses when possible.

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    I had my first raid with the new guild last night; and I feel it went very well.
    Top 5 dps on most fights. Thank you very much for the tips tho.

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