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    Given how difficult it was to get people to STOP DPSING THE F**KING AMALGATIONS on Spine or getting them to STOP DPSING THE F**KING TENTACLES on Spine, I'm glad its easy.

    Sorry, but LFR pugs can't coordinate worth shit, so it's either easy, or it won't be done.

    Good lord, half the people in LFR couldn't even be bothered to press their extra button on Ultraxion.

    Ran LFR last night, MSV is easy enough for 25 randoms. Had idiots on Feng who had that Wrath of the Astromancer style debuff (don't remember what it was called) who were too dumb to run out of the group (even after being told.) So long as there's a number of people like that in every LFR group, LFR will be easy.

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    ye but u cant notice it cause u stand smashing buttons all 4 fights without having to move at all, u can ignore everything. so the mechanics does not matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oxyra View Post
    Only boss it's possible to wipe on is Feng if your MT doesn't know how to barrier
    Or if everyone stacks in P3. Resonance can still do RIDICULOUS amounts of damage if people are stacked with it.

    I'd expect nerfs shortly on that, but besides that. Ezpz. On first boss, stack all 3 adds. Cleave like a god. 3rd boss you can wipe if DPS don't go down and kill adds, because if they stack up, the damage output still ramps up.
    We wiped on the Guardians because the tanks didn´t know what to do. They split them up, but then never cross-taunted. But after that, it was easy. I think someone would purposefully have to try to wipe you on Feng for you to wipe. The warning is just so obvious and in your face. I actually can see people greifing with this in a few weeks.

    Granted, I did it early Tuesday morning, which means it was probably more hardcore people playing at the time... but still.. we didn´t talk about anything until after the wipe, and even with neither of the tanks knowing the place, we face-rolled it pretty easy after that.

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    A bit too easy if you ask me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redcinder View Post
    So what ?? Its not hard to navigate a menu and select what section of a raid you want to do :S Choice..... Blizzard you bad ¬.¬
    Yeah because navigating the LFR queues is what I was on about...
    I don't know how it will work but if they split each raid in half then there will be 6 LFR instances to join, as a tank with hour queues it's not very practical. I just don't see the point in giving us 3 bosses that takes 20 minutes to clear.

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    Also, if anyone hasn't noticed, nullification barrier in LFR is 25 second cooldown. One tank who has their head not up their ass and a tightly stacked group is all that's required to stop 100% of the AOE damage in that fight in LFR.

    Poor Feng doesn't stand a chance.

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    LFR has to be easy since you can't expect any coordination from 25 people who have been randomly thrown together. I just did the new LFR raid a few minutes ago and I think the "difficulty" is fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dexx View Post
    Those doing LFR today are hard core players who zoomed to 90 and know what they are doing. Many are raiders wanting to gear up. Give it a few weeks until everyone else gets in there. Then we'll know how it compares.
    I don´t think this is true. Even as an experienced player, it isn´t that I knew what to do, it was that there was nothing TO DO. Yeah, I consider myself a pretty decent player, but none of that was put to the test in LFR. I literally did my normal dps rotation on all three bosses and nothing more. I moved away from people when a BIG FREAKING MESSAGE jumped in my face telling me to move away from people, but that was it.

    Doing some of the world rare spawns at the correct level was much more challenging than LFR. Even some of the quest mobs were more challenging.

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    lfr is suppose to be easy so working as intended like people said.

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    Yep just went in after a fairly punishing normal attempt, did feel kinda nice to just faceroll over everything. Plus quite helpful to get a look at the bosses for our progression raids. (More so for what things look like that we need to get out of.)

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    I am actually shocked I am writing this, but yes it is too easy even for LFR. I didn't bother reading anything before queuing (I know shame on me), tanks chain pulled so healers couldn't get mana, and only an AFKer died. When it is over I felt like the dungeons were harder
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    Quote Originally Posted by KaPe View Post
    Free loot! Er, I mean, "seeing the content", that. Also "learning to raid", by stacking in a single group and ignoring all the mechanics.
    Right, LFR doesn't really teach anyone about proper raid play. You just do whatever the fuck you want, things die, and you pick up loot.

    Running around on a resto shaman spamming frost shock and yelling at your monitor will work just fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalis View Post
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    Is this supposed to be news? If I remember correctly the DS LFR was exactly the same, but with portals, bad events and worse fights.

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    Just did it, got loot off 1 boss (yay) and a token towards the legendary gemstone thing (wtf but yay anyway)

    It's possible to wipe on 3rd boss if no one goes into spirit realm xD (yes, my group did this)

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    Yo, welcome to LFR.
    If you can't stand how "scrubs" get gear, go get better gear with your awesome guild.
    WoD was destroyed thanks to MoP feedback where everything outside of raids should be optional.
    So keep that in mind as you once again complain about things being "mandatory for raiding".
    Whenever I see people complaining there's too much to do in Legion I know that Blizzard is on the right path again.

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    You must be very lucky, i keep getting groups that cant complete the second boss without a bunch of healers leaving, which never seem to get replaced even after 30 mins since most people would rather start fresh.

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    So if you complete the 3 boss in LFR, being 25 man obviously. Would this put a lock on the raid if you try to do a 25 man with your guild? This is prolly an obvious question, but I don't know the answer. thanks

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    It was Easy, as intended. The issue I come across is that it is also stupidly boring. When you realise you can basicly stand still and do you rotation normaly on EVERY fights so far, it pretty much becomes a target dummy with loots. It's not unlike DS, but the 3 first bosses were so bland, I really don't think it's a good thing in the end.

    First, LFR will be needed by raiders to run for filling item slots, getting set bonus (once we get there) and finaly the Legendary gem quest. So prepare to be forced to run them ALL every single week until you are completely done with it (and if you don't want 90 VP.

    Second, it will feel bland even for non-raiders. I know you can't put all players into a difficult and complex fight, especially in pugs, but right now, LFR feels even easier than heroics, and that's taking into account that heroics are stupid facerolls. Still, Blades of Light, Sha of Hatred and Xin the Weaponsmaster still have somewhat clever abilities that can easily wipe a bad group. Not LFR, anyway, it didn't feel like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiktok View Post
    So if you complete the 3 boss in LFR, being 25 man obviously. Would this put a lock on the raid if you try to do a 25 man with your guild? This is prolly an obvious question, but I don't know the answer. thanks
    No, LFR is not part of the lockout system, as you can run it as much as you want. (though, like Sha of Anger, you can't receive loot on additionnal kills).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pilek01 View Post
    probably a troll. armory doesnt show any LFR kills.
    ^a troll, shows first 3 down LFR and normal mode.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bisso View Post
    First, LFR will be needed by raiders to run for filling item slots, getting set bonus (once we get there) and finaly the Legendary gem quest. So prepare to be forced to run them ALL every single week until you are completely done with it (and if you don't want 90 VP.
    The answer to this is easy. Make LFR and heroic raids share a lockout. You can either LFR or run heroic each week. Then there's no way the raiders feel the need to run it. And let's face it, if you aren't running heroic you don't qualify for the "raider" tag.

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