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    Getting Bored?

    I've found myself logging in less and less over the past few days.
    I loved the game in the BWE's and when it first came out, but now that it has lost the "oooo new shiny!" it doesn't seem to have the staying power to keep being enjoyable. I was a die-hard fan of this game but now I'm kind of losing the faith so to speak. I'm not even level 80 yet (51 engi 61 guardian and a couple other low level alts) and I'm bored. I log on, and then 10-20 minutes later I log off, nothing 'exciting' to do.

    I know there is plenty of content to do, I'm just not enjoying it anymore. Anyone else feeling the same?

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    Bored? Not really, still got level 80 to reach and seeing all zones. I'm not having the itch to play it though but that'll come eventually I'm sure. I actually upgraded my setup for this game, but yesterday when I finally got the parts installed and ready I only installed GW2 to see if it made any difference. It did (20 fps to 60) and it'll stay installed now for when I feel like playing it.

    I wasn't looking for anything more than this though with this game, to me it's more of a single-player RPG where my only goal is to explore (and tame all beasts). To people feeling bored/burned, I'm sure the itch will come back when new content is released...just like with most other games :d.

    Edit: Also, now that I can actually enjoy the scenery, it has gained a bit "shine" again.
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    I still enjoy the game very much, but borderlands + TL2 followed by Dishonored + Xcom? Yeeaaah.. luckily, there is no monthly fee. Don't feel bad about how little I'm playing it atm.

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    Still enjoying myself. Gotta treat the Guild Wars series as a casual thing. All the games Anet make were/are geared toward casual play.

    Also Xcom is so goddamn good. Holy flippin' basketballs!

    BL2 gives me a headache. Do not enjoy anymore.
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    I tend to keep myself busy with some dungeons, alts, and general play. I also have TSW on the side when I get too tired of playing gw2.

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    No, I'm not bored and I don't think I will be at least in a while... I hadn't had this rpgfeeling since old school FF, and now in a MMO... great game, I'm going at my pace having a blast.

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    I've had the game for a month now, and I've tinkered with a few different professions, my highest being a level 35 human Thief. I still love the game, and find it really refreshing and challenging. Admittedly I haven't played as much in the last fortnight (been having a ton of fun in the new Warcraft expansion), but it's certainly not due to any lack on Guild Wars' part.

    Perhaps if I had been playing it non-stop since release, as well as the beta tests, and following it avidly on all of the fansites for the last two years, watching all of the youtube videos, etc etc ... I might have burned out by now as well. But I really try not to do that.

    I'd judge that the game has enough content to keep me interested and playing for a loooong time to come. Especially when my online gaming time is going to be split even further in a few months, when I start dabbling in the F2P Star Wars MMO too!

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    Didnt log in since MoP released, because their design philosophy shifted too much from the original one.

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    A lot of people have put between 150-400 hours into the game. Of course you will grow "bored". Everything in moderation. That's not boredom your are feeling, its your brain telling you to be more diverse.

    Take a break, play other things. Come back in a couple days/weeks/months.

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    Dont say your not bored if your not lvl 80 yet, its kind of redundant considering the boredom starts at max level.

    Personally im keeping myself amused by running my guildies through terribly made dungeons and coordinating WvWvW effectively since my server has few good guilds, but the lack of progression and the dismissal of any raid content is really boring me out hardcore.

    I dont play this game to death I casually play it in my spare time, took me F all time to level to 80 but I thoroughly enjoyed it, however redoing those zones isnt very satisfying to me.

    Im just hungry for content and ANet dont have any unfortunately, I want to progress but instead you just end up getting the exact same gear everywhere at lvl 80 with different skins and thats all, legendaries arent even worth thinking about nevermind farming, and world exploration is just world exploration... it shouldnt be an arguement point for endgame anyway.

    If you like PvP I suppose your in luck, whilst I dont mind it the game isnt terribly balanced atm since it just launched but even still I cant handle pvping for more than a couple of hours or even less if its SPvP.

    However if your looking for honest opinions on GW2 vacate these forums faster than a 5 year old on skittles. Blind faith (ignorance) is a term ide use for a lot of GW2 fans.

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    i played like crazy at launched mostly PvE. I had to slow to a grinding halt because of school Workload and borderlands to came out recently so i was playing that alot. Now that i beat BL2 im taking that slower and building GW2 back up in terms of time played a week. Been mostly PvPing now testing different builds to see what im good at. So yea not bored still having fun. Wish i could PVE but i just dont have the time to do dungeons. Still havent seen the 60+ dungeons. Really wanna get in those and finish my personal story as well. Got a thief sitting at level 77.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UcanDoSht View Post
    Didnt log in since MoP released, because their design philosophy shifted too much from the original one.
    Wut? How did it shift? o.o
    MMO Champion is not so much a fan forum as it is a forum where jaded people lacking in self-control congregate in order to shit over an entirely optional product and those daring to actually enjoy said product.

    Haters gonna hate.

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    It has been bittersweet for me, a lot of great GREAT releases on PC (all the previously listed, for exception of borderlands 2 for me sadly, don't think it's too innovative to call it a sequel and didn't want to try it out yet, maybe when it get's cheaper :C) that have delayed my eager to play guildwars2... the saddest point of it? my VGA seems to screw up when playing torchlight for over 20 mins making the comp screen go all black and then restart the pc... same for "total war: shogun" (bought it through a discount), there has been a lot of titles/study to mess me up with playing GW2.

    PS: I should get a new vga instead of more games. :C

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    I'm not. I'm pacing myself. I took a 3 week hiatus waiting for my girl to get GW2. I know with the whole side kicking thing, level doesn't matter as much, but I still wanted to wait for her. Plus, give me a reason to hold back on leveling.
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    Yea, I'm not buying MoP or any other sub based games because I can't afford the subs atm, so GW2 fit me perfectly as far as payment goes. And before anyone says I shouldn't have gotten it based on payment system alone I followed the development of the game for like 5 years and I've liked everything I heard about it, how it was being designed, and I enjoyed playing it. I still do to some extent, but it's not 'gripping' me anymore.

    I don't get lost in the beautiful world they created anymore, I get lost trudging through zones that feel the same as the last one. I'm starting to see that a lot of Anet's selling points were simply false advertising. No grindy leveling/revolution of the genre is just false to me. Maybe an evolution, but it does nowhere near the amount of things different that you expect from the word 'revolution'. I enjoyed the game for about 2 months, but I'm just not anymore.

    I kind of hate how much I'm not liking it as much.

    Disappointing. :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rorcanna View Post
    Wut? How did it shift? o.o
    think he means from GW1 to GW2. Else the statment doesnt make sense. but if he played GW1 he should have been up to date on what GW2 was doing so why did he buy the game in the first place.

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    I do find myself logging in less because I have other hobbies and things to do, but it's not like it's going anywhere, and I've put in 100s of hours already. The game is still enjoyable to me.
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    Max level 80 character. Have been for a few weeks now. Not bored yet. Still finding stuff to do.

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    I guess I'm in the minority then, I'll just not play it for a few weeks and then come back to it maybe.

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    I'm not bored yet, I haven't even gotten to 80 yet. Right now I am level 50 (I think) but I haven't had the chance to play for a week or so. I really want to play I just haven't had the time :/

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