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    Talking Confused on stats priority for prot pally

    Hi ,

    I have decided to focus on my paladin for MoP. I have run alot of heroics dungeon in the last weeks to acquire all 463ilvl gear that was available for me to use as tank, I crafted some boe epics 476 with my BS and I bought boe shoulders and VP ring and neck totaling 470ilvl with no pvp gear. I'm was kinda happy with my gear and I tought that I was out gearing content as heroics had became a joke with my gear, I have been mass pulling 5-6 packs all day and shit was fine like that.

    I went in MSV a couple times last week with some random pugs, wiping for hours on guardians. I joined a guild last week and they had killed guardian so I didn't had to chance to try it with a decent group, we went to feng and we downed him no prob after 2-3 tries (super awsome fight btw). Garajal was harder, we didn't managed to kill him by the end of our raid night.

    Anyway, I realised that my TPS sucks compared to other tanks... I somethimes have trouble keeping aggro on pulls...

    I realised some tanks are going hit 7.5% and exp 15% with :
    hit(7.5%)/exp(15%) > haste > mastery > parry = dodge for higher HP generation and BoL uptime, which I find interesting since i'll do more damage/threat and will take less peak damage.

    I have been gemming/reforging the old way.

    mastery > parry = dodge (trying to have them both the same amount) > hit = exp

    I have been told that dodge and is shit and get mastery and parry and reforge off dodge.

    But it makes me think that mastery is kinda useless without hit and expertise well not useless but it has 50% effectiveness without hit capping.

    So I should be going

    parry > dodge > hit/exp > mastery ? lol

    I'm so confused now haha

    here's my bnet profile (sorry don't have enough posts to link)


    I hope you can help me as I am very confused with these new changes.

    Thanks !

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    I'm literally just about to update the protection paladin guide with this information so you timed this very well

    At the moment, you should be getting hit to 7.5% and expertise to 15% as your first priorities.

    After that, you have 2 options - mastery or haste. Currently, according to the maths and the testing, in terms of damage taken they are about the same as mastery yields more blocks and bigger SHOTR buff but haste brings greater SHOTR uptime. In hardmode progression, Haste is better due to the dps it adds but for normal raiding it won't matter. If you're having threat issues then consider the haste for the extra dps as it is quite a lot of it.

    If you go down the mastery build then parry and dodge are good stats still, they technically are our best stats in terms of damage reduction but it becomes spiky damage, so you don't really want it that much. You want more parry than dodge definitely, there is a macro on the guide checking whether you have them in the right ratio. As a second stat after mastery you will want parry and dodge.

    If you go down the haste build then as a second stat you'll want mastery slightly more than parry and dodge as it smooths damage moreso seeing as you have a very high SHOTR buff uptime, but Parry and Dodge are great for reducing total damage taken so you won't want to hide from any of them really, just mastery is ever so slightly more attractive.

    I don't know what seal you are using but go for Insight as it gives a really nice amount of healing. Unfortunately, I cannot find your armory profile.

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    Thanks for the reply Merin,

    As for Hit and Exp it really saddens me, since I bought tank pieces that had parry and dodge when I could have went with *ret* pieces which have exp/hit/haste/mastery.

    As for my bnet profile I play on US servers :

    (link)us.battle.net/wow/en/character/mugthol/Maynards/advanced(link) hope it worked )

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    Ah that explains it, I was look at the UK armory


    There's the link for you. I've updated the guide now so it's all there, still need to do the gems bit but that will take but a moment, just doing something else fast.

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