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    Horde is vastly superior to alliance for progression raiding.

    If not, can you explain why Method and vodka, the only alliance guilds who were taken seriously for contention of world firsts pre-MoP have switched to Horde?

    The reason is: horde racials are much more oriented towards actual player performance. Blood Fury, Touch of the Grave, Berserking, 1% haste, Arcane Torrent and a rather significant stamina increase are all vastly superior to Escape Artist, Stoneform, 1% hit, Shadowmeld, Every Man for Himself and 1% crit.

    When will Blizzard take up the task of balancing out the racials among factions?

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    Just like they all race changed to Worgen for Cataclysm?

    For 99% of their playerbase, the 1% increase in dps isn't worth $25 each time the racials are adjusted. Just like most players don't consider the gear/items these players buy/acquire to be worth the same increase.

    That's what makes them top guilds, and the rest of just spectators.

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    Kin Raiders were alliance when they got world first heroic Spine and Madness.

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    The horde racials are stronger and those who race for WF, or top ranking for that matter often want to maximize.

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    Horde racials are for PVE
    Alliance racials are for PVP

    None of the Horde racials can even be compared to things like shadowmeld and every man for himself.

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    I thought that Night Elves 1% avoidance not mitigated by diminishing returns made them the best tanks through cataclysm, and I would bet MoP because of damage/health scaling. Otherwise, yes, I would agree that horde racials are by far better for dps and healers. It's actually been a well known fact as such for a long time. I know our paladin tank (who was one of the best in the world) was only human for only 3 reasons, first being that he made it back in BC and the Draenei hit buff was party wide and very good, the second being that in Wrath he got EMFH as a free trinket and he was an avid pvper, and third being that the guild he helped form in BC wanted to be alliance (mainly because of the strength of the Draenei hit buff, and then because spending $500 as a guild to transfer horde was ridiculous and unfair to ask). Otherwise he would have race changed to horde a while back.

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    We have known this forever now. People know that horde racials are better for pve and that alliance are better for pvp.

    Does it really make a huge difference? No.

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    Its not about racial at this stage but people become biased towards Horde now. Horde is stronger than ally in PvP as well as PvE so most people join horde.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spotnick View Post
    Kin Raiders were alliance when they got world first heroic Spine and Madness.
    HEY. YOU. STOP TELLING THE TRUTH. In reality the OP needs to not complain. On the flip side, the Human racial is awesome in PvP.

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    A 1% wipe on Alliance is a clear on Horde, everyone knows that. I gets brought up EVERY time someone starts an argument on factions. Alliance racials are defensive (with the exception of the Draenei and Worgen, and even then that's subjective in PvE) and all Horde racials are offensive. The new forsaken one is just straight damage for doing absolutely nothing you weren't before, and yet to them that's equivalent to 1% crit/hit/avoidance. It's an old argument and you're just bringing it up now to flame-bait a faction argument in the middle of progression.
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    Im not complaining for complaining's sake, but merely bringing the issue under spotlight again so something could perhaps be done to counter this imbalance, especially because Blizzard have said that they plan to take a comprehensive look at all the racials.

    Just because it is a "well-known fact" for a long time, does not mean that players have to just "suck it" and accept everything that is "well-known".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spotnick View Post
    Kin Raiders were alliance when they got world first heroic Spine and Madness.
    koreans dont count they dont have a soul !! there not human...
    oh wait not human no soul ? they must be undead.. so they are horde !
    horde wins anyway..

    nah realy...poeple belive that it has to do something with racials...?
    thats just sad

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    Blizzard said they wanted to take a look at it, but expect it to be a low priority case ... since that is exactly what it is.

    If people are really all that bothered with it: Just reroll.

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    Ï totally agree with that and i have realized this long time ago. Horde racials are better for PvE, Alliance probably for PvP

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    aren't pandaren the best race for all classes available to them?
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    I always thought they should remove racials and rename them (or keep the name "racial") and make them a choice. Kind of reflecting today's society where your mother can come from one back ground and father from another and you gain attributes from both. So essentially in you would have a choice of 3 racials per character 1 pvp and 1 pve and 1 non-combat(no triple dipping) from a master list of say 5 of each. An example would be say chosing +hit as the pve, the stun reduction racial for pvp and the best deal anywhere racia as your non combat. The list could be extended to maybe 5 at max if you want to pick what weapon youd specialize in and another racial like summoning your bank type racials.

    But this could make a character Highly customizable as well as eliminating having to pick one race over the other solely based on racials. Then you'd get to play the race you want with the racials that you want to use.

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    Rules of Progression Raiding:

    1. Do whatever it takes to get world first without exploits where possible.
    2. No really, that's about it.

    Who cares what faction they play, they're racing eachother - not factions. If you personally subscribe to thinking the faction you play is 'better' or is somehow 'owed' equal treatment you've really missed the mark. Us mortals play whatever we're good at or like, progression guys do whatever it takes. Be that money or effort.

    Frankly, I don't see the problem.

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    Blizzard really wont care that much... if a alliance 10m guild goes horde... why would blizzard say hey... lets not get that 250$... and even more if its a 25m
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    Has an advantage? Yes. This is old news.

    Vastly superior? No. I don't think racials matter as much as you think it does.

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    tell me op, do you even have any world firsts? No?

    How about Realm Firsts? No? Have you ever even been in a guild that was trying to get a realm first?

    Probably not. Which begs the question - why do you care so much? many people want to jump to say because x is a significant dps increase, when the people in your raid group are probably not even pulling optimal dps themselves, or even prepotting or flasking.

    I don't know why some people care when they play the game with a group of people who do not even go all out in the first place.

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