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    Commission a Piece of Art

    Hey Everyone,

    If you could commission a piece of artwork from any artist (alive or dead), who would it be and what would you have them create?

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    Probably an allegorical piece representing Republicanism by Louise-Elisabeth Vigee LeBrun.
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    If I could sell it, whatever artist could make me the most money with one painting, otherwise I would have my sister finish one of her paintings so I could put it up in my home, for art the personal touch is important to me =)
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    Either a painting by Boris Vallejo or William Bouguereau or a tattoo by David Bollt. Since they're the masters, I'd leave the subject up to them...but suffices to say there'd be boobs involved.

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    Van Gogh, a panorama in the Lake District. Something like this:

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    Could I commission a sitting with young Hitler and kill him before he could go back and rise to power?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Konig View Post
    Hey Everyone,

    If you could commission a piece of artwork from any artist (alive or dead), who would it be and what would you have them create?
    Very easy
    I would have a portrait of my grandparents, done by my grandfather who mainly created water-color's of the lake district, but done one or two paintings with people in them. Would be nice to have a picture of some description of my grandparents as there is very few of them.

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    Paula Rego, most definitely Paula Rego, one of my favourite artists out there, I would love soooooo much if she made me a painting, she can even do wtv she wants, I would just love if she did it!
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    Shin to draw me and my husbando.

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